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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 14, p. 201.

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a frontier outpost of Bengal, and a umber of European saided here,
who forcibly obtained a monopoly of the Bengal trade and w re thus
...bled to do a lucrative business with the natives who enjbyedsimilar
privileges in Assam. Four large tombs remain as evidence of their
c.. tic., but the inscriptions have disappeared. Jogighopi derives
its 't, from s cut oat of the rocks near the ri er bank,
which at one time used to be occupied by ascetics. The place is now
of little importance, but contains a helouging to the Bijni
Johi-Tirluka of Iarkana District, Sind, Bombay, lying between
26° 7′ and 27° N. and 67° 11′ N. and 67° 47′ E., with an e of
76. square miles. The population in 19o, was 5-18, compared
with 5r,gr9 in r 89r. The taluka contains 87 villages, of which Johi is
the head-quarters. The density, 67 persons per square mile, is much
below the District average. In r9o3-4 the land revenue and. cesses
amounted to 1-4 lakhs. About a quarter of the talk, is irrigated by
the Western Nam system and the MenchharLake. The remainder
depends upon the rainfall, and the harvest is therefore precarious.
The soil has great capabilities, and with seasonable ran three crops of
jm4r are obtained from one sowing. Migration to the irrigated tracts
ompaniss years of scanty rainfall. The Kuthar Hills bound the
taluka on the west.
Jollarpet.-Village and railway station in Salem District, Madras.
Joma-male.--Hill inComg. See SOMA-MALE.
Jora.-Head-quarters of the Tonwarghxr district of Gwalior State,
Central India, situated in 26° 20′ N. and 77° 49′ E, Oft the Gwalior
Light Railway. population (1901), 1,55, The place is usually tailed
Jora-Als.pur, to distinguish it from other places of the sa
A15 Or a village lying a mile to the north. Jora contains the ,uns
of an old fiat built by the Kamali chiefs, the usual district offices,
school, a dispensary, a State post office, a -,j, a public works
inspection bungalow, and a police station.
Jorhat Subdivision.-Central subdivision of Sibsagar District,
Eastern Bengal and Assam,lying between 26° 22′ and 27° 11′ N.and
93° 57′ and 94° 36′ E., with an area of 8,9 square miles. About two-
fifths of the subdivision It,, north of the main channel of the Brahma-
putra, and is known as the Mnl,L, island, a Comparatively sparsely
peopled tract, liable to damage from flood. The part south of the
e of the most populous portions of the Assam Valley, and in
river has a density exceeding 60o persons par square mile. The
amps fringing the Bmhmaputm are inundated in the ton; but
farther inland -.stretches a broad plain, the lower part of which is laid-
vated with rice, while tea and sugat-cane are grown on the higher land.
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