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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 14, p. 286.

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local or municipal hoards, while 3, are aided and 4 unaided. The
total expenditure on education in 1913-4 was Ea.1,85,00o, of which
Its. x3,010_ was derived from fees. Of the total, 79 per cent, was
devoted to primary schools.
In r9o4 the District had one hospital and 8 dispensaries, with
Accommodation for 94 in-patients. The number of patients treated in
1904 was rw,o6q, including 1,ux in-patients; and 3,675 operations
re performed. The expenditure was Its. xt,ooo, of which Rs. 15,10
met from Local and municipal funds. The Irish Presbyterian and
Salvation Army Missions have each opened a dispensary at Anand, to
-which hospitals are shortly to be added.
The number of parsons successfully vaccinated in 117,3-4 w
,7,?o representing a Proportion of 14 per which is slightly
below the average for the Presidency.
[Sir J. M. Campbell, Bomb), Garrtteer, vol.. iii, Kb, and Punch
-Mahals (1879)]
Kaira Town (Kheda).-Head-quarters of Kaira District, Bombay,
,;mated in 22° 45′ N. and 72° 41′ E., 7 miles southwest of Mehmad-
ab3d station on the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway, and
miles south-west of Ahmadabad. Population (rq.r), 1o,39a. Kaira
is . very Ancient place, having a legendary co with the Meha-
bh3rata, and is proved by the evidence of copperplate grants to have
existed as early as the fifth century A .D. Early in the eighteenth
century it passed to the B2bi family, with whom it remained rill 1753,
when it was taken by the Marathas under DSmaji Gaikair. It wars
finally handed over to the British by Anand Rao Gaikwar in 1803.
Its frontier position rendered Kaira important; and a force of inf try,
cavalry, and artillery wa stationed there until the transfer, in 1830,
of the frontier station to Deess. The climate is said to have improved
of late years. Earthquake shocks were felt in x86o and 1864. The
-house is a handsome building with Greek pillars. Near it is
part of the old jail, in 1814 the scene of a not in which the prisoners
and which was only suppressed with a loss of sq killed and is
-dad. The municipality was established in 1857, and its income
during the decade ending r9or averaged R& 15,100. In 1913-4 the
income as Its. 18,000, chiefly from a house and land mx. Besides
the Government revenue offices, the town contains a Sub-Judge's court,
civil hospital, and 6 schools (5 for buys and one for girls), attended
by 543 male and Sx female pupils. The boys' schools include an
English school with 92 pupils.
Kairana Tahsil.-North-western tehri! of Mmaflernagar District,
-United Provinces, lying between 29° 19′ and 29° 42′ N. and 77° 2′ and
77° 30′ E., with a of 464 square miles. It comprises five par-
ganor-Kairana, Jbinjhana, ShAmli, Thane Bhawan, and Bidauli-and
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