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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 15, p. 148.

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Kashmor.-Tdluka of the Upper Sind Frontier District, Sind,
Bombay, lying between 28° 4′ and 28° 29′ N. and 69° 15′ and 69°
47′ E. In igol the area was 500 square miles. The population in
1901 was 38,179, compared with 35,763 in 18gr. The density, 77
persons per square mile, is much below the District average. The
tdluka contained 65 villages, of which Kashmor is the head-quarters.
The land revenue and cesses amounted in 1903-4 to 1-2 lakhs. Owing
to the vagaries of the Indus, the present area of the taluka is 508
square miles, of which about 37 square miles are covered by forests.
A large area of land is still unoccupied and available for cultivation.
Irrigation depends upon floods and upon the Desert and Dingro Wah
Canals and canals from the Kashmor Band.
Kasia. -Subdivision of Gorakhpur District, United Provinces,
comprising the PADRAUNA TAHSIL. The subdivision takes its name
from the village of Kasia, at which the head-quarters of the sub
divisional officer are situated. Population of the village (tgor), 1,688.
The village is situated at the junction of the Deoria-Padrauna and
Gorakhpur-Pipraghat roads, near the bank of the Rama Bhar lake,
and contains a dispensary and a town school with 114 pupils. A short
distance away, in the village of Bishanpura, is situated the important
group of ruins which was long supposed to mark the site of Kusa-
nagara, where Gautama Buddha died. The ruins include a large stupa
and many small ones, the remains of a monastery, and a temple which
enshrines a colossal statue ,of the dying Buddha, 20 feet in length.
It has now been recognized that the buildings on this site do
not agree with the description of Kusanagara given by the Chinese
[A. Cunningham, Archaeological Survey Reports, viols. xviii and xxii ,
V. A. Smith, The Remains near Kasia (1896), and in journal, Royal
Asiatic Society, 1902, p. 139 ; W. Hoey, journal, Asiatic Society of
Bengal, 1900, p. 83.]
Kasimbazar.-Decayed town in Murshidabad District, Bengal.
Kasipur-Chitpur.--Town in the District of the Twenty-four- Par-
ganas,Bengal. See COSSIPORE-CHITPUR. .
Kasla Pagina Muvada.-Petty State in REWA KXNTHA, Bombay.
Kasumpti.-Suburb of Simla station, Punjab. It lies within the
territory o the Raja of Keonthal, but being practically part of Simla
was leased from the Raja in 1884, and constituted a separate munici-
pality, whose functions are performed by the Deputy-Commissioner
of Simla. The municipal income and expenditure during the ten
years ending 1902-3 averaged Rs. 5,6oo. In 1903-4 the income was
Rs. 6,200, chiefly from taxes on houses and lands; and the expenditure
was Rs. 6,300: Population (March, igoi), 170.
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