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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 16, p. 1.

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Kotchandpur.-Town in the Jhenida subdivision of , Jessore
District, Bengal, situated in z3░ z5', N. 'and 89░ 1' E., on the left
bank of. the Kabadak river. Population (z go r), g,o65. Kotchandpur
is the largest seat of the sugar trade and manufacture in the District.
It was constituted a municipality in 1.883. The income during the
decade ending 1901-a averaged Rs. 6,5oo, and the expenditure
Rs. 5,900. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 7,000, mainly from a .tax
on persons (or property tax) and a tax on vehicles; and the expenditure
was Rs. 6;ooo.
Kotda (or Sangani).-Petty State in the KÓthiawar Political Agency,
Bombay, lying between a1░ 54' and 220 4' N. and 70░ 511 and
71,░ 8' Eä with an area of 74 square miles. The population in rgos
was 8,835, residing in zo villages. The revenue in 1-903-4 was
Rs. 91,5oo, and the cultivated area 76 square miles, The State ranks
as a fourth-class State of Kathiawar, The founder was SÓngoji, a son
of Kumbhoji of Gondal. His grandsons Jasoji and Sartanj.Y in r7,50
conquered Kotda from the Kathis, and removed their capital thither
from Ardoi. Dying without issue, they were succeeded by their
younger brother Devoji, whose descendant is the present chief. .
Kotda NÓyarii.-Petty State in KATHiWRR, Bombay.
Kotda Pitha: Petty State in KATHiXwiR, Bombay.
Kotdwara.-Town in GarhwÓl District, United Provinces, situated.
at the foot of the hills, in a9░ 45' N. and 78░ 32" E,, close to the
.terminus of a branch of the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway, and on
the small river Khoh. Population (1901), 1,029. This is the most
important mart in the. District, supplying the south of Garhwal with
cotton cloth, sugar, salt, cooking utensils, and miscellaneous articles
imported from the plains. It is also the chief centre and exchange for
the Tibetan trade, The Bhotias bring down- borax, and 'take back
pulse, sugar, tobacco, and cloth. Forest produce, mustard; rapeseed,
chillies, and turmeric are exported to the .plains. KotdwÓra is _the
head-quarters of the Garhwal Bhabar, and contains a police station,
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