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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 16, p. 81.

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1890-1. 1900-1. 1903-4.
Land revenue . 3,92 6,49 6.95
Total revenue . 6,45 8,26 9,00
The income of the District fund, utilized for the provision of various
local needs, amounted in 1903-4 to Rs. 48,300, of which more than
Rs. 40,000 was spent on public works. The only municipality in the
District is KYAUKSE.
The District Superintendent of police has a force of 3 inspectors;
one chief head constable, 7 head constables, 16 sergeants, and 247 con-
stables, who are distributed in 9 police stations and 2 outposts, The
place of the rural police is taken by the village headmen, who have
certain powers under the Village Regulation and Excise and Opium
Acts, and who may be said as a rule to afford the police loyal support
in the detection and suppression of crime and the maintenance o£
order. There are two detachments. of the Mandalay military police
battalion in the District, one of 5o men under a sūbahdār at Kyaukse
and the other of 30 men under a jemadār at- Myittha, who are'
employed on general escort and guard duty. Kyaukse has no jail, and,
short-term prisoners are kept in the lock-up, while others are sent to
the Mandalay jail to serve out their sentences.
When the absence of backward hill tribes and the comparatively
small number of Indian immigrants are borne in mind, the proportion
of literate persons in 1901 (35 per cent. in the case of males, 2.3 per
cent. in that of females, and 18 per cent. for both sexes together)
appears low, though missionary enterprise has done a good deal to-
wards furthering education. In 1904 the District contained 5 secon-
dary, 97 primary, and 504 elementary (private) 'schools. - These insti•
tutions had in the same year an attendance of 6,212 pupils (including
927 girls), as compared with 3,062 in 1890-r and 3,981, in !goo-1.
The expenditure on education was Rs. 7,900; Provincial funds pro-
viding Rs. 5,700, and fees and subscriptions Rs. a,2oo.
There are two hospitals, with accommodation for 56 in-patients, in
which 14,431 cases, including 599 in-patients, were treated in 1993,
and 260 operations were performed. The income of these hospitals
amounted to Rs.8,9oo, towards which municipal funds contributed
Rs. 4,200, Provincial funds Rs. 3,8oo, and subscriptions Rs. 6oo.
In 1903-4 the number of persons successfully vaccinated was 4,332t
representing 31 per 1,ooo of population. Vaccination is compulsory
only within the limits of the Kyaukse municipality.
[S. Westlake, Settlement Report (1892).]
Kyaukse Subdivision.-Subdivision of-Kyaukse District, Upper
Burma, comprising-the SINGAING and KYAUKSE townships.
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