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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 16, p. 411.

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[See .8o hay 6iazeffeer,, vol. xiv, Pp; 216-$:]
" ghar.-Village in the KhalilÓbld Mhsil of Baste District, United
Provinces, situated in z6░ 45' N. and 8:3" .8' E., on the Bengal and
North-Western Railway and on the rgad from G.orakhpur to Fyaibad,
Population (1:901), 2:,633: The village is celebrated as containing
the tomb of Kabir, the religious reformer, who is acknowledged as
a prophet or saint by both Muhammadans and Hindus. The -tomb
is said to have been -built about 1459; but the original building was
replaced or restored by Nawab FidÔe Khan in A.kbar's reign. Maghar
was occupied from the close of the seventeenth century by a Muham~
madan garrison, and under the Oudh government was an important
military post up to the cession in 8o 1;
ghiÓ,na. -Town in Jhang District, Punjab. See JHADTG,
DI 1gori' (Xagodi).-Petty State in MAH╬ KiWnA, Bombay.
Magra.-Village in the head-quarters subdivision of Hooghly Dis-
trict, Bengal, situated in a20 59' N. and 8$0 22' E,, on the MagrÓ'Khal.
ppulatio, (19o1), 96. Magra is a station on the East Indiah,Railway
and the terminus of the Magra-Tarakeswar Light Railway; it is An
important mart with an extensive trade in grain and tobacco. Large
quantities of sand. from the bed of the old Saraswati river are ex-
ported to Calcutta and elsewhere for building purposes.
M.Agra Mt.-Village in the Diamond Harbour subdivision of the
,District of the Twenty-four Parganas, Bengal, situated in a ░,#
and 8$░ ?3' E. Population (1900, 435; wing to its position at the
confluence of important waterways and upon; the Diamood Harlsoux
branch of the Eastern Bengal State',Railway, MagrA KÔt,is the largest
rice ;mart in the south of the District, and ;agencies havo been Opened
for, the purchase, of rice and the sale of kerosene oil. The Church
-Missionaky Society has a church here.
agun4,~hetty Stag in MAH! KANTHA, Bombay; ,
Magum 4t04 vision.-North-eastern subdivision: of Jessore Dip
trišt, Bengal, lying between 23",W and: 23" 4F' N. and ;$9░ 25!,and
890 V' E., with an area of 425 square miles. Its population declined
from 303,28? in 1891 to ~yi,-381 in 1901, the density being 653 persons
per square mile. It contains 934 villages, including M4GURA, its head-
but no town., The subdivision is a. doltaiš tract, the formatiop
,of which is very nearly completed except along its western bprder, which
is still liable to, inundation from the floods of the Madhumat, It
contains swne very unhealthy tracts, and it is -said to have been,tbe
fošus of the `Burdwan fever.' The principal marts are at MÔgura apyi
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