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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 17, p. 82.

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1880-1. I _.1890-1. 1 1900-

Land revenue 405 4,29 4,40
Total revenue . 6,69 7,69 8,80
Outside the municipalities of ENGLtsH BAZAR, OLD MALDA, and
NAwnsGANJ, local affairs are managed by the District board. In
1903-4 its income was Rs. 87,000, of which Rs. 32,000 was derived
from rates; and the expenditure was Rs. 96,ooo, including Rs. 53,000
spent on public works and Rs. 25,000 on education.
English Bāzar is protected by an embankment 2-1ff miles in length
from the inundations of the Mahanandā. and Kalindr! rivers.
The District contains ten thdnas or police stations and three out-
posts. In 1903 the force subordinate to the District Superintendent
consisted of 2 inspectors, 26 sub-inspectors, 2o head constables, and
255 constables. There was, in addition, a rural police force of 178
da,ffaddrs and 1,784 chauhiddrs. The District jail at English Bāzar
has accommodation for 110 prisoners.
Education is backward; in rgo1 only 3•7 per cent. of the popu-
lation (7•4 males and 0•2 females) could read and write. An advance
has, however, been made in recent years, the number of pupils under
instruction having increased from 8,608 in r883-4 to 11,752 in
1892-3, and to 12,009 in rgoo-1. In 1903-4, 14,782 boys and
1,085 girls were at school, being respectively 22•5 and r-6 per
cent. of those of school-going age. The number of educational
institutions, public and private, in that year was 487, including 27
secondary and 444 primary schools. The expenditure on education
was Rs. 76,ooo, of which Rs. 9,ooo was met from Provincial funds,
RS. 23,000 from District funds, Rs. r,ioo from municipal funds, and
Rs. 35,000 from fees.
In 1903 the District contained nine dispensaries, of which one
had accommodation for 28 in-patients. The cases of 56,ooo out-
patients and 500 in-patients were treated, and 2,419 operations were
performed. The expenditure was Rs. 15,000, of which Rs. 8oo was met
from Government contributions, Rs. 5,000 from local and Rs. 2,ooo
from municipal funds, and Rs. 7,000 from subscriptions.
Vaccination is compulsory only in municipal areas. In 1903-4
the number of persons successfully vaccinated was 30,ooo, represent-
ing 35 per r,ooo of the population.
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of Bengal (Calcutta, 1903).]
Mdlda Town (or Old Malda).-'Town in Malda District, Eastern
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