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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 17, p. 250.

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are for the dbi (rainy season) crop, the tdbi (hot season) crop rates
being Rs. 35 maximum, Rs. io minimum, and Rs. 2o average.
The land revenue and the total revenue of the District for a series of
years are shown below, in thousands of rupees:-

1881. 1891. 1901. 1903,
Land revenue 8,50 8,40 12,12 8,97
Total revenue 11,45 14,13 17,75 13,63
Owing to the changes in area made in 1905,°the revenue demand is
now about 14.6 lakhs.
There is a municipality at SANGAREDDIPET, and each of the other tdluk
head-quarters has a small conservancy establishment. The District
board manages both the municipal and local affairs of the head-
quarters, and also supervises the work of the outlying tdluk boards.
The expenditure in 19oo-1 was Rs. 12,6oo, of which Rs. 497 was
laid out on roads. The income was, as usual, derived from a portion
of the land cess, levied at one anna in the rupee on the land revenue
The First Tâlukdar is the head of the District police, with the Super-
intendent (Mohtamim) as his executive deputy. The force consists of
67 subordinate officers, 499 constables, and 25 mounted police, under
6 inspectors and one sub-inspector, distributed among 32 police
stations. There is a District jail at Sangareddipet, but only short-
sentence prisoners are kept there, the rest being sent to the Central
jail at Nizamabad.
The District takes a medium position in point of literacy, 2.6 . per
cent. (4-6 males and 0'35 females) of the population being able to read
and write in 1901. The total number of pupils under instruction in
1881, 189x, 1901, and 1903 was 774, 2,293, 1,907, and 2,044 respec-
tively. In 1903 there were 25 primary schools and one middle school,
with 159 girls under instruction. The total expenditure on education
in 1901 was Rs. 13,roo, and the fee receipts amounted to Rs. 731.
The District contains 4 dispensaries, with accommodation for 11 in-
patients. The total number of cases treated at these during 1901 was
200 in-patients and 31,422 out-patients ; and the number of operations
performed was 920. The total expenditure amounted to Rs. 1r,2oo.
The number of persons successfully vaccinated in 1901 was 540, or
only 1•47 per 1,ooo of population.
Medak Taluk.-Tdluk in Medak District, Hyderabâd State, with
an area of 359 square miles. Its population in 1901, including jdgzrs,
was 65,852, compared with 63,066 in 189x. The tdluk contains two
towns, MEDAK (population, 8,511), the head-quarters, and LINGAMPET
(5,102) ; and 89 villages, of which 19 are jdgir. The land revenue
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