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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 17, p. 325.

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revenue varies. The demand, including cesses, for the whole District in
1903-4 amounted to nearly 5-7 lakhs. The average size of a proprietary
holding is 57 acres, but some very large holdings raise the average.
The collections of land revenue alone and of total revenue are
shown below, in thousands of rupees:-


Land revenue
Total revenue . . I 6,08
• I 4,27
4,o6 6,o7
The District contains six municipalities: MIANWALI, ISA KHEL,
KAL,ksAGti, BHAKKAR, LEIAH, and KAROR. Outside these, local affairs
are managed by a District board, whose income in 1903-4 was
Rs. 40,000, mainly derived from a local rate. The expenditure in
the same year was Rs. 45,000, the largest item being Rs. 17,000
spent on education.
The police force numbers 4.92 of all ranks, including 81 municipal
and 8 ferry police, under a Superintendent, who usually has 3 inspectors
under him. There are 15 police stations and 5 police posts. The
District jail at head-quarters has accommodation for 317 prisoners
of all classes.
The District stands sixteenth among the twenty-eight Districts of
the Province in respect of the literacy of its population. In 1go1 the
proportion of literate persons was 3-7 per cent. (6.7 males, 0•3 females).
The number of pupils under instruction was 7,589 in 19oo--r, and
8,290 in 1903-4. In the latter year there were 4 secondary, 72 primary,
and 3 special (public) schools, 13 advanced and 208 elementary (private)
schools, with 412 girls in the public and 967 in the private schools.
The principal school is the high school at Mianwâli town. Industrial
schools for girls are maintained at Isa Khel and Mankerâ. The total
expenditure on education in 1903-4 was Rs. 27,000, of which Local
funds contributed Rs. 15,000, municipal funds Rs. 2,6oo, and fees
Rs. 4,000.
Besides the Midnwdli civil hospital, the District has five out-lying
dispensaries. These institutions in 1904 treated a total of 98,407 out-
patients and 2,349 in-patients, and 4,962 operations were performed.
The expenditure was Rs. 15,ooo, District and municipal funds con-
tributing Rs. 5,ooo each, and Government Rs. 5,000.
The number of successful vaccinations in 1903-4 was 10,464,
representing 24•7 per r,ooo of the population. The Vaccination Act
has been extended to the towns of Mianwâli, Isa Khel, and Leiah.
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Khdn (1883-4) ; S. S. Thorburn, Settlement Report of Bannu (1879);
Id. St. G. Tucker, Settlement Report of Dera Ismail Khdu (1879)]
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