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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 17, p. 326.

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Mianwali Tahsil.-Head-quarters lahsil of Minwli District,
Punjab, lying between 320 11* and 33" 2N. and 710 Wand 710 58" E.,
with an area of 1,478 square miles. The population in 1901 was
x11,883, compared with 103,909 In 1891. It contains the town of
Mlnrrwnldl (population, 3,59x), the head-quarters; and 69 villages.
The land revenue and cesses in 1903-4 amounted to Rs. 72,000.
The northern part of the lahsil is enclosed between the western slopes
of the Salt Range on the east and the Indus on the west, forming
a picturesque corner, which contrasts with the monotonous level of
the remainder of the cis-Indus territory of the District, in which its
southern part lies.
Minwli Town'.-Head-quarters of the District and lahsil of
Minwli, Punjab, situated in 32 35' N. and 71 31' E., on the high
left bank of the Indus, 655 feet above sea-level. It is the residence
of a notable Saiyid family, the Mians of Minwli, descended from
a local Muhammadan saint, and themselves possessing a great reputa-
tion for sanctity. Population (1901), 3,591. Minwli was long the
head-quarters of the Minwli subdivision of Bannu District, and was
made the head-quarters of the new Mianwali District in 19or. The
civil lines are situated about half a mile from Minwli, which is
little more than a village, and has no commercial importance. It was
made a municipality in 1903-4, and contains a hospital and a model
Government high school.
Miehni.-Fort in the District and lahsil of Peshawar, North-West
Frontier Province, situated in 34 11' N. and 71 27' E., on the left
bank of the Kabul river, close to where it issues from the hills, and
15 miles north of Peshawar city. The fort, which commands an
important ferry over the Kabul river, was constructed in 1851-2 on
account of the numerous raids by Mohmands from beyond the frontier.
Lieutenant Boulnois, in command of the party constructing the fort,
was murdered here by Mohmands in 1852 ; and in 1873 Major
MacDonald, the commandant of the post, was murdered in its vicinity.
There is no village of -Miehni ; but the Tarakzai Mohmands have settle-
ments all round, those on the south side of the river being in British
territory. Fort Miehni was formerly under the command of a field
officer, subordinate to the Brigadier-General at Peshawar; but in
1885 it was handed over to the border military police, who now hold
it with a garrison of twenty men.
Midagesidurga.-Fortified hill, 3,376 feet high, in the north-east
of Tumkfir District, Mysore, situated in 13 5o N. and 77 12' E.
It is said to be named after a princess who was burned here with the
corpse of her husband. Ranis of the same family held it till it was
Created a municipality since the last Census, and hence not shown as a town in
the table on lr. 31g.
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