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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 17, p. 339.

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tional institutions, public and private, in 1903-4 was 4,263, including
an Arts college, 118 secondary, 4,077 primary, and 66 special schools.
The expenditure on education was 4.63 lakhs, of which Rs. 35,000
was met from Provincial funds, Rs. 94,000 from District funds,
Rs. 6,ooo from municipal funds, and 2.62 lakhs from. fees. A training
school at Binpur for aboriginal tribes and depressed castes, under the
management of the American Baptist Mission, supplies teachers to
39 attached pdthsilas in the jungle Mahāls. A small technical school
at Midnapore town is aided from District funds, and a madrasa at
Patāspur is provided with a hostel from Provincial revenues. The
District also contains 58 Sanskrit toll, of which 53 have adopted the
standards prescribed by the Educational department.
In 1903 the District contained 14 dispensaries, of which 7 had
accommodation for 123 in-patients. The Cases LW 20,000 Out-
patients and 1,500 in-patients were treated during the year, and 4,700
operations were performed. The expenditure was RS. 29,000, of
which Rs. 4,000 was met from Government contributions, Rs. 5,000
from Local and Rs. 12,000 from municipal funds, and Rs. 7,000 from
Vaccination is compulsory only in municipal areas. Elsewhere it is
very backward, and in 1903-4 only 68,770 persons, or 25•5 per 1,ooo
of the population, were successfully vaccinated.
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Reports of the Embankment Committee (Calcutta, 1839-4o, reprinted
in 1go1); J. Price, Early History of Midnapore (Calcutta, 1876);
Selections from the Records of the Government of Bengal on the Settlement
of Jaldmutd and Nltjnamutā Estates in 4l7adnapore (Calcutta, 1882) ;
Embankment Committee's Report (Calcutta, 1888).]
Midnapore Subdivision.--Head-quarters subdivision of Midna-
pore District, Bengal, lying between 21° 46' and 22° 57° N. and 86° 33'
and 87° 43' E., with an area of 3,27x square miles. The subdivision
consists in the north and west of thinly wooded and rocky uplands.
The climate is good, but the laterite soil is dry and infertile. Towards
the south and east the level dips, and a swampy hollow is formed
between the elevated country to the west and the comparatively high
ground along the coast. The population in xgol was 1,277,749,
compared with 1,223,248 in 1891, the density being 391 persons per
square mile, which is much less than in any other subdivision. It
contains one town, MIDNAPORE (population, 33,140), its head-quarters;
and 3,782 villages. KHARAKPUR, 8 miles from Midnapore town, is an
important railway junction.
Midnapore Town (Medinijpur).--Head-quarters of Midnapore
District, Bengal, situated in 22° 25' N. and 870 19' E., on the north
bank of the Kasai river. Population (1901), 33,140, of whom Hindus
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