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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 17, p. 418.

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1880-1. 1890-1. 1900-1. 1903-4.
Land revenue . 4,.87 5,36 3,41 4,19
Total revenue . 5,82 6,62 5,18 6,.54
The District contains three municipalities: MONTGOMERY, KAMnL1n,
and PAKPATTAN. Outside these, the affairs of the District are managed
by a District board, whose income, derived mainly from a local rate,
amounted in 1903-4 to Rs. 5o,ooo. The expenditure was Rs. 43,000,
schools and dispensaries forming the largest items.
The regular police force consists of 449 of all ranks, of whom 21
are municipal police. The Superintendent usually has 4 inspectors
under him. The village watchmen number 584. There are 17 police
stations, one outpost, and 5 road-posts. Trackers are enlisted in the
District police force, and one is kept at each police station. They
often render most valuable assistance in the pursuit of criminals and
stolen cattle. The combined Central and District jail at head-quarters
has accommodation for 1,522 prisoners. The principal jail manu-
factures are carpets, matting, and cotton and woollen clothing.
Montgomery stands thirteenth among the twenty-eight Districts of
the Province in the literacy of its population, of whom 3.8 per cent.
(6-7 males and o*4 females) are able to read and write. The pro-
portion is highest in the Montgomery tahsil. The number of pupils
under instruction was: 1,505 in 1880-1 ; 3,371 in 1890-r ; 3,097 in
19oo-1 ; and 3,824 in 1903-4. In the last year there were 5
secondary and 37 primary (public) schools, and 2 advanced and 116
elementary (private) schools, with 125 girls in the public and 128 in
the private schools. The District possesses two high schools, one the
Government high school at Montgomery and the other a private school
at KamÓlia. The. total expenditure on education in 1903-4 was
RS. 23,000, of which fees brought in Rs. 8,ooo, District and municipal
funds contributing Rs, ro,ooo and Rs. 3,ooo respectively.
Besides the civil hospital at Montgomery town, the District possesses
six outlying dispensaries. In 1904 the number of cases treated was
91,816, of whom 1,859 were in-patients, and 3,649 operations were
performed. The expenditure was Rs. 15,000, chiefly contributed by
municipal funds.
The number of persons successfully vaccinated in 1903-4 was
13,398, representing 29*9 per r,ooo of the population.
[P. J. Fagan, District Gazetteer (1898-9) ; and Settlement Report
Montgomery Tahsil.-Tahs7l of Montgomery District, Punjab,
lying between 30░ 16' and 310 2' N. and 72░ 27' and 730 26' E., on
both banks of the RÔvi, with an area of 1,472 square miles. The
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