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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 18, p. 1.

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Moram.--Town in the Tuljapur tdluk of Osmanabad District,
Hyderabad State, situated' in 17 47' N. and 76 29' E. Population
(1900, 5,692. Large quantities of grain and jaggery are exported from
here via Sholapur and Akalkot. Two weekly bazars are held-one on
Sundays for general trade, and the other on Mondays for the sale of
cloth only. A new bazar, Osmanganj, is under construction. Moram
contains a school.
Morfir (Murdr).-Cantonment in the Gwalior State, Central India,
situated in 26 14' N. and 78 14' E., s miles from the Morar Road
station on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway, and on the banks of
the Morar river, a small stream tributary to the Vaisali. Population
(1900) 19,179. In former days the waters of the river were dammed
up so as to form a considerable lake, which was noted for the species
of fish known as the Barilius morarensis which abounded in it. The
town lies 4 miles from Lashkar city, with which it is connected by
a broad road. The station is laid out on the usual, plan, but is
remarkable for the numerous fine avenues of large trees which line
the roads. The substantial stone barracks built in 1870 for the British
troops are now occupied by the State regiments, the officers' bungalows
being used by European and native officials in the State service.
Morar was founded in 1844 as a cantonment for the Gwalior ~ort-
tingent, the brigadier in command and a force of all three arms being
stationed here. In 1857 the most serious rising in Central India took
place at this station. Signs of disaffection among the men of the
Contingent were early discernible and on June 14 the troops mutinied,
and killed six officers, the clergyman, and several other Europeans.
The rest escaped to Agra with the assistance of the Maharaja. On
May 36, 1858, Morar was occupied by the troops of Tantia Topl, the-
Nawab of Banda, and the Ran! of Jhansi, who forced Sindhia to vacate
Lashkar and retreat to Agra. On June r6 Sir Hugh Rose drove
Tantia Top! out of Morar, and on the loth reinstated Sindhia in his
capital. Morar remained a British cantonment, garrisoned by a mixed-
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