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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 18, p. 92.

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The collections on account of land revenue and total revenue are
shown below, in thousands of rupees:-

t88o-i. 18go-t. igoo-i. t9o3-;.
Land revenue 12,20 12,18 15,55 T5,59
Total revenue . 15,02 18,01 22,05 21,92
There are three municipalities -MUZAF FARNAGAR, KANDHLA, and
KAIRANA-arid eleven towns are administered under Act XX of 1856.
In 1903-4 the District board had an income of i-i lakhs and an
expenditure of r-4 lakhs. The expenditure on roads and buildings
was Rs. 64,000.
The District Superintendent of police is assisted by three inspectors,
and is in charge of 75 officers and 296 men of the regular police,
besides 209 municipal and town police, and 1,277 village, road, and
canal watchmen. The average daily number of prisoners in the District
jail in 1903 was 168.
The District takes a medium place in the Provinces as regards the
literacy. of its population, of whom 2.6 per cent. (4-7 males and o-1
females) can read and write., In 1880-r there were 135 schools under
Government inspection, attended by 3,779 pupils, and in 19oo-1 156
schools with 6,366 pupils. In 1903-4, 194 such schools contained
7,404 Pupils including 192 girls, besides 398 private schools with 5,533
scholars, of whom 157 were girls. Of the public schools, 2 were
managed by Government and 114 by the District and municipal boards.
Out of a total expenditure of Rs. 32,ooo, Rs. 4,000 was derived from
fees and Rs. 28,ooo from Local and municipal funds.
In 1903 there were seven hospitals and dispensaries, with accom-
modation for 65 in-patients. The number of cases treated was 70,000,
of whom 1,ooo were in-patients, and 4,6oo operations were performed.
The total expenditure was Rs. 12,6oo, chiefly met from Local and
municipal funds.
In 1903-4, 29,000 persons were vaccinated, representing 33 per
1,ooo of the population. Vaccination is compulsory only in the
[H. R. Nevill, District Gazetteer (1903); J. O. Miller, Settlement
Report (1892).]
Muzaffarnagar Tahsil.-Central tahsal of Muzaffarnagar District,
United Provinces, stretching north-east to the Ganges, and lying
between 29 22' and 29 45' N. and 77 27' and 78' 7' E., with an area
of 464 square miles. It comprises five parganas : Muzaffarnagar,
Baghra, Charthawal, Pur Chhapar, and Gordhanpur. The population
has risen from 206,496 in 1891 to 239,064 in 1901. The tahsal con-
tains 264 villages and three towns: namely, MUZAFFARNAGAR (popu-
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