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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 18, p. 117.

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tendent, aided by one Assistant Superintendent and 4 inspectors. The
lower grades are made up of 8 head constables, 36 sergeants, and
206 constables, distributed in 12 police stations and 3 outposts. The
military police force consists of 3 native, officers, 8 havilddrs, and
162 men, stationed at Myaungmya, at the various township head-
quarters, and at Thigwin, Shwelaung, Kyumpyatthat, and Kyaikpi.
The jail at Myaungmya has an enclosure capable of providing for
1,ooo prisoners, but the actual accommodation in buildings is for 500,
which is ample at present. The only occupations carried on by the
prisoners are the manufacture of jail clothing for supply to other jails,
and gardening.
The standard of education is fairly high. The percentage of males
recorded as literate in 1901 was 42.8, and that of females 7-2, or 25.9
for both sexes together. In 1904 the District contained 7 secondary,
155 primary, and 256 private (elementary) schools, with 6,734 male and
1,366 female pupils. The total includes a considerable number of
Karen seminaries. Myaungmya town possesses an Anglo-vernacular
middle school, with an attendance of about loo, which is maintained
by the municipality. The public expenditure on education in 1903-4
amounted to Rs. 26,6oo, of which the District cess fund provided
Rs 18,ooo, Provincial funds Rs.4,300, municipal funds Rs. 1,500,
and fees RS. 2,8oo.
The District contains two hospitals, with forty-nine beds. In 1903
the number of cases treated was 17,750, including 685 in-patients, and
419 operations were performed. The total expenditure was Rs. 8,ooo,
of which municipal funds contributed Rs. 4,9oo and Local funds
Rs. 2, Boo.
In 1903-4 the number of persons successfully vaccinated was 12,642,
representing 42 per 1,ooo of population. Vaccination is compulsory
only in Myaungmya and Wakema towns.
[W. E. Lowey, Settlement Report (1899); J. Maekenna, Settlement
Report (1903) ; Major I+. D. Maxwell, Report on Inland and Sea
Fisheries (1904).]
Myaungmya Subdivision.-Western subdivision of Myaungmya
District, Lower Burma, comprising the MYAUNGMYA and EINME
Myaungmya Township.-Township of Myaungmya District,
Lower Burma, lying between 15 47' and 16 43' N. and 94 36' and
95' 13'E., with an area of 1,069 square miles. It is comprised between
the Pyamalaw and Panmawadi rivers on the east and west, and extends
from the Myaungmya river to the sea. It is for the most part flat,
and would be a typical delta area were it not for a small tract of com-
paratively hilly country which rises to the south-west of the township
head-quarters, forming the only high land in the District. The great
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