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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 18, p. 146.

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intendents in charge of the subdivisions, an inspector, 4 head con-
stables, and 96 men. There are 4 civil police stations and an outpost,
with the addition of village police at Lonton, Sinbo, Sadon, and Sima.
The District is garrisoned by a strong force of military police, con-
sisting of 9 British officers, 41 native officers, and 1,612 rank and file.
Of these, 947 are stationed at Myitkyina.; and posts are held at
Mogaung, Kamaing, Fort Harrison (Sadon), Fort Morton (Sima), and
Wayabu on the N'maikha, at each of which is an assistant commandant,
also at Nabpaw (in the cold season), Lapye, Waingmaw, Lonton,
,N'pum Bum, Sinbo, and Palawgyi. There is no jail, prisoners being
sent to Katha when sentenced to imprisonment for a term exceeding
one month.
The proportion of persons able to read and write was shown in 1901
as 28 per cent. in the case of males and 2 per cent. in the case of
females, or 17 per cent. for both sexes together. These figures,
however, leave out of consideration the population of the `estimated'
tracts, where the number of literate persons must have been infinitesimal.
A school for Kachin children is maintained by the American Baptist
Mission, but most of the schools are monastic, and in the hill areas
even the elementary teaching of the pon yi kyaung- is absent. In 1904
the institutions included one secondary, 21 primary, and 61 elementary
(private) schools, with an attendance of 1,188 pupils (including 9o girls),
as compared with 1,164 in 1901. The expenditure on education in
1903-4 was Rs. 1,6oo, derived wholly from Provincial funds.
There are 6 hospitals, with accommodation for 67 in-patients. In
1903 the number of cases treated was 20,054, including 795 in-patients,
and 300 operations were performed. The total expenditure of
.RS. 26,ooo is derived almost wholly from Provincial funds. A number
of patients were treated in the hospitals at the different military police
In 1903-4 the number of persons successfully vaccinated was 772,
representing 1 i per i,ooo of population.
[I. Errol Gray, Diary of a journey to the Bor Khamti Country and
Sources of the Irrawaddy (1893) ; Prince Henry oŁ Orleans, Du Tonkin
aux Indes (Paris, 1898).]
Myitkyina Subdivision.--Eastern subdivision and township of
Myitkyina District, Upper Burma, lying between 24° 37' and 25° 45' N.
and 96° 42' and 98° 2o' E., with an area of 4,500 square miles. It
comprises the Irrawaddy valley, here of considerable width, and the
hills the Chinese frontier. Within its geographical limits are
the three Kachin Hill Tracts, administered under the Kachin Hill
Tribes Regulation by civil officers with head-quarters at Sadon in
the north-east, Sima in the south-cast, and MY11KYINtl (popula-
tion, 3,618), the head-quarters of the District and township. The
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