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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 18, p. 369.

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this quantity has passed through it. The Nara river itself has - fe-
mained untouched from the tail of the supply chapel to the Jamrao
Canal mouth, a length of ioo miles, and this length has been gradu=
ally canalized by the silty discharge passing down it.
From 1854 to 1858 most of the depressions on the left side of
the Nara between the Jamrao mouth and the present head of the
Thar Canal were embanked, and in 1857 water, admitted as an
experiment, flowed at least as far south as the embankments extended.
Between r86o and 1867 the Nara bed from the Makhi Weir to the
Thar Weir was cleared in lengths aggregating 40 miles and widths
averaging 150 feet. From x876 to 1886 this work was continued below
the Thar Weir. In 1884 the first cut was made by Government
through the Allah Band, a broad ridge of ground on the Rann of
Cutch thrown up by an earthquake in r819, The course of the
Nara is generally southwards, crossing the territory of the Mfr of
Khairpur for a distance of loo miles and then running through the
Thar and Parkar District, having generally on its left bank the sand-
hills of the desert, and discharging at its 25oth mile into the Puran,
an old channel of the Indus, which flows to the sea 8o miles farther
south through the Rann of Cutch.
The principal canals in connexion with the Eastern Nara and. their
lengths, including branches, are-the JAMRAO, 588 miles; the Mithrao,
155 miles ; the Thar, 72 miles; and the Hiral, 41 miles. The aggre-
gate cost of these works (exclusive of the Jamrao) up to the end of
1903-4 amounted to 6527 lakhs; the receipts in the same year were
5.63 lakhs, and the total charges (exclusive of interest) 114 lakhs.
The gross income was thus 8.62 per cent. on the capital expended,
and the net receipts 6.82 per cent. The area irrigated was 429 square
The Jamrao, constructed in the years 1894 to 1902, serves the
Districts of Thar and Parkar and Hyderabad, and the others supply
the former only. The Nara Supply Channel, the Eastern Nara,
and the Mithrao are partly navigable for a total length Of 425
Nara, Western.-Canal in Sind, Bombay. See LARKeNA Dis-
Nara Valley.-Subdivision of Thar and Parkar District, Sind,
Bombay, composed of the UMARKOT, KHIPRO, SANGHAR, MIRPUR
Narahia.-Village in the Madhubanf subdivision of Darbhanga
District, Bengal, situated in 26 22' N. and 86 32' E. Population
(1901), 5,o69. Narahia is connected by road with the Bengal and
North-Western Railway, and is an important centre for the grain,
traffic with Nepal.
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