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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 20, p. 395.

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. 'PtMnAta: -`An ancient kingdom in' the south-west of Mysore
with its capital at Kitthipuri, no~v Kittur, on the Kabbani. It was
a 'six thousand' province, And was absorbed into the Ganga kingdom
in the fifth century. In the fourth century B. c., Bl adrabahu, the. Jain
leader, who is traditionally^ said to have been accompanied by Chandra.,
gupta,'and.who died at Sravana-Belgola, directed the migration he had
conducted to the South to proceed to: Pupnata, when 'he found that
his own end was approaching. It is mentioned as Founnata by Ptolemy,-
` who adds regarding it ' where is beryl.'
Puntamba.-Town in the Kopargaon tTiluka of Ahmadnagar Dis-
tract, Bombay, situated in r9 44' N. and 7437^ E,, on the Godavari
12 miles south-east of Kopargaon town, and on the Dhond-Manmad
Railway. Population (igor), 5,89o, including a hamlet of 1,745. The
traders are Marwaris and' Brahmans.' Puntamba has fourteen modern
temples, and two flights of steps or ghats to the Godavari, one built by
`Ahalya Bai, the great temple-.building princess of Indore (1767-95),
and the other by one Shivram Dumal, The chief temple dates from the
middle of the seventeenth century and belongs to-Changdev, a famous'
saint said to have had r,4oo disciples.
Pur (i).-Ancient town in the Bh lwara district of the 'State of
Udaipur, Rajputana, situated in 250 r 8'N. and 7q. 33'E., about' 7a miles
north=east of Udaipur city, and about 7 miles south-west of Bbilwara
station on the Rajputana'-Malwa Railway.' Population (1901), 4,498. A
primary school is attended by 34' boys; . Garnets are found in the vicinity.
The Porwal MahAf ans are said to take their name from this place.
Pur (a).-Town in the District and tahsil of Muzaffarnagar United
Provinces, situated in 29 39' N. and 77 5r' D., 16 miles north of
MuMffarnagar town, on the metalled road to Roorkee. Population
(igoi), 6,384. The, town is surrounded by flne groves and contains
some good brick houses; but the I drainage is defective. In the low
waste land close' by an important camp is formed for artillery practice
every cold season. The town is administered under Act XX of 185`6,
with an income of about Rs. r,5oo.
Purandhar Ta1uka._Tdluka : of Poona District; Bombay, lying
between 18 6' and 18 27' N. and 73 51' and 74 ;r9' E., with an
area of 470 square miles. It contains one town, SASVAD (population;
6,294), the head-quarters; and go villages. The population in 19or
was. 7 ,716, compared with 89,too. in r89r. The density, 155 persons
per square mile, is below the District average. The: demand for land' 1903-4 was 12 lakhs and for cesses Rs.9,5oo. The wuha
i% for, the most, part a hill tract. The ranges run north:-east and south-
west, dividing it into two valleys, along which flow almpst parallel._
streams: A spur of the Western Ghats, which forms the watershed'
between the Bhima and the Nim, runs along the northern boundary.
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