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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 21, p. 1.

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Pushkar.-Town, lake, and place of pilgrimage in Ajmer District,
Rajputana, situated in 26° 29' N. and 74° 33' E., 2,389 feet above
sea-level. Population (1901), 3,831, nearly all Hindus. Pushkar is
said commonly (but erroneously) to be the only town in India that
contains a temple dedicated to Brahma, who here performed the sacri-
fice known as yajna, whereby the lake of Pushkar became so holy that
the greatest sinner, by bathing in it, earns the delights of Paradise.
The town contains five principal temples, dedicated to Brahma, Savitri,
Badri Narayan, Varha, and Siva Atmateswara ; but they are of modern
construction, as the earlier buildings suffered severely under Aurangzeb.
Bathing ghdts line the lake, and many of the princely families of Raj-
putana have houses round the margin. No living thing may be put to.
death within the limits of the town. A great fair is held in October
and November, attended by about 1oo,ooo pilgrims, who bathe in the
sacred lake. At this time there is a large trade in horses, camels,
bullocks, and miscellaneous merchandise.
Pushpagiri.-Village and hill on the Madras-Mysore border. See
PutVir Subdivision. -- Subdivision of South Kanara District,
Madras, consisting of the UPPINANGADI and KASARAGOD tdluks.
Puttilr Tahs11.-Zanzinddri tahsil in North Arcot District, Madras,
consisting of the northern half of the KARYETNAGAR zanzinddri. Area,
542 square miles ; population in 1901, 170,235, compared with 155,546
in 1891. It contains 340 villages, the head-quarters being PUTTŪR.
PutUir Village.-Head-quarters of the Uppinangadi subdivision
and tdluk of South Kanara District, Madras, situated in 12° 46' N.
and 75° 12' E. Population (1901), 3,999 The surrounding country
belonged to Coorg, and after the Coorg rebellion of 1837 troops were
stationed here till 1860.
Pyāpalli.-Town in the Pattikonda tdluk of Kurnool District,
Madras, situated in 150 14' N. and 77° 44' E., at the foot of a granite
hill, on the trunk road from Bangalore and Gooty to Hyderabad.
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