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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 21, p. 158.

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selected places during the hot season, and humanized lymph is gener-
ally used. Buffalo calf lymph is largely employed in several States.
1881. 1891-2. 1901-2. 1904-5-

Number of vaccinators employed 72 192 185 170
Number of persons vaccinated . 94,566 233,390 255,907 286,628
Number of successful operations . 85,403 228,425 251,816 282,749
Ratio per r,ooo of population
successfully vaccinated . 9 20 26 29
Total expenditure . Rs. 9,892 24,558 25,720 24,226
Cost per successful case . Rs. o-1-to 0-1-8 o-1-8 0-1-4
The system of selling quinine in pice packets at post offices was
introduced in 1894. These packets were at first supplied to post-
masters by the Residency and Agency Surgeons, but since 1902 have
been obtained direct from the Superintendent of the Aligarh jail. In
1904-5 more than 50,525 packets of 7-grain doses were sold.
The operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India have
extended to parts of Rajputana, and the entire country was surveyed
topographically by the Survey of India between
Surveys. 1855 and 189x. In the majority of the States cadas-
tral surveys have been carried out during the last fifty years, and in
a few others they are now in progress. Most of the surveys are con-
fined to the khdlsa or revenue-paying area, and the agency employed
is not infrequently foreign.
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Rajputana States Agency, Eastern.-See EASTERN RAJPUTANA
Rajputana States Residency, Western.-See WESTERN RAJ-
Rajshahi Division.-Division or Commissionership of Eastern
Bengal and Assam, extending from the Ganges to the Himalayas and
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