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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 21, p. 210.

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principal institution is the Ranchi dispensary. A small leper asylum
at Lohardaga is conducted by the German mission.
Vaccination is compulsory only in municipal areas, but good progress
is being made throughout the District, and in 1903-4 the number of
persons successfully vaccinated was 43,000, or 373 per 1,000 of the
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of the District of Lohdrdagd (Calcutta, r89o) ; Papers relating to the
Chotd Nagpur Agrarian Disputes (Calcutta, 1890) ; E. H. Whitley,
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Ranch! Subdivision.-Head-quarters subdivision of the Bengal
District of the same name, lying between 22c' 21' and 23' 43" N. and
84 o' and 85' 54' E., with an area of 2,366 square miles. The sub-
division consists of an elevated undulating table-land, where permanent
cultivation is almost confined to the terraces cut in the slopes of the
depressions which lie between the ridges. The population in igoi
was 753,236, compared with 730,642 in 1891, the density being 215
persons per square mile. In igo1 it comprised 3,506 square miles;
but owing to the formation of the Khunti subdivision in 1905, the
area was reduced to 2,366 square miles with a population of 527,829
and a density Of 223 persons per square mile. The subdivision con-
tains two towns, RANCH! (population, 25,970), the head-quarters, and
LOMiRDAGA (6,123); and 1,417 villages.
Ranch! Town.-Head-quarters of the District of the same name
and also of the Chota Nagpur Division, Bengal, situated in 23'
23' N. and 85 20' E., on the Chota Nagpur plateau, about 2,100
feet above sea-level. Population (1901), 25,970 (including 2,844
within cantonment boundaries), of whom 12,968 were Hindus, 7,547
Musalmans, 3,640 Christians, and 1,807 Animists. Ranch! is a station
of the Lucknow division of the Eastern Command, and the wing of
a native infantry regiment is stationed in the cantonments (formerly
known as Dorunda cantonments), which lie 2 miles to the south of the
town. It is also the head-quarters of the Chota Nagpur Volunteer
Mounted Rifles, of the Superintending Engineer of the Western Circle,
and of the Executive Engineer of the Chota Nagpur Division. It is
connected by good metalled roads with Purulia, Hazaribagh, and
Chaibasa, and is a large trade centre. It is the chief seat of Christian
missionary enterprise in Bengal, and is the head-quarters of three
important missions (see RANCHI DISTRICT). Ranch! was constituted
a municipality in 1869. The income during the decade ending
1901-2 averaged Rs. 23,ooo, and the expenditure RS. 22,000. In
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