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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 21, p. 389.

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. 'SAKESAR 389
St. Thomas's Mount figured in British history long before it was
made a cantonment: The battle of the Mount, fought' on F6bruaty. /7
7750, between - Laity and Colonel Calliaud, was one;. of , the fiercest
struggles ..of the Franco-British wars in Southern India: It is thus
described in the Chingleput Hanual:-

`Colonel,Calliaud.had been summoned from the south to assist; in
raising the siege of Madras. He took post at the Mount, with his
right at 'a deserted little temple at the north-east of the present parade
ground, and his left supported. by a house called Carvalb6's Gardeo;
where he posted four pieces of cannon. His troops ihcluded the
contingent brought by the Company's partisan Muhammad Yusuf, and
consisted of z;aoo horse, 2,5,60 foot, and 6 cannon. Of these,, how-
ever, only 1,5oo natives, 8o Europeans, and ra_ artillerymen were pos--

sessed of the slightest discipline. Lally's forces aggregated 2,6oo, half
of whom were turopeans, and all disciplined. He had, besides, 8 guns;
possessing a great superiority in weight of metal. The fight. lasted fro f
early' morning till 5 p.m., when the enemy, to Colonel Calliaud'Ontense
,relief; retreated. The latter had ammunition sufficient to have lasted
for about a couple of minutes more.'
On, March 26, 1769, Haidar All, who had marched within 5 miles of
Madras,' met here Mr. Dupre,;the senior Member of Council; and here
the inglorious treaty of April z was signed. In r7g4, at he suggestion
of Col. James, 'the Mount became the head-quarters of the Madras
The garrison of the Mount formed the major part of the force
(under Sir Hector Munro) that ought to have saved Baillie in`178a.
During its absence, only five companies of sepoys Arid four guns had
been; left for the protection of the Mount, and 'a temporary eaxrthwork
'vas raised to strengthen the place against attack. This has long been
levelled, but a slight depression crossing the :plain midway between
PallAvarain and the Mount 'indicates the position of what went by the
name of the Mardtha Ditch.'
Saint Th=6.-Suburb of'MADRAS CITY.
Saiy1dpur:=-Tahsil and town in Ghatlpur. District, United Pro-
vinces. - . See SAIDPUR. .
Sajjangarh.-Fort in SatAra District, Bombay. See PAJtLI. ,
Sakesar (Sukesai-),-Hill in the Khus :b kahsil of $h apur Dis
trict, Punjab, situated ii' 3. 33' N. and 5Y' 58' E.; 25 rnile$, east. Of
lt9 r;pwali town; and the hig=hest peak in the Salt Range. It 14 a-Ane
grassy hill, forming the terminal point in which two divergent -spurs of
the range: reunite. Upon its summit stands the sanitarium for ShAhpur;
Attodk, and MiAnwAli, at an elevation of 5,010 feet above sea-level,
.with ..plenty of excellent`buifding space available: Wild olive-trees are
abundant, and the oak thrives well., . According to daily meteorological
observations between the middle of June and the middle of October,
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