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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 22, p. 1.

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Samadhiala (1).-Petty State in KATHIAWAR, Bombay.
Samadhiala (Chabharia) (a).-Petty State in KATFllliWAR, Bombay.
Samadhiala (Charan) (3).-Petty State in K2iTHmwaR, Bombay.
Samaguting.-Village on the lower slopes of the Naga Hills
District, Eastern Bengal and Assam, situated in 25'47'N. and 93'47'E.
It was occupied in 1866 by Lieutenant Gregory, in the hope that an
outpost in the hills would put a stop to Naga raids, and remained the
head-quarters of the Naga Hills District till 1878, when it was aban-
doned in favour of KOHIMA, which is situated in the centre of the
Angami country.
Samalkot (Chdmarlahota).--Town in the Cocanada Mluh of Go-
davari District, Madras, situated in 17 3' N. and 8z 1o' E., 7 miles
north of Cocanada, on the main line of the East Coast Railway,
391 miles from Madras city, and on the Samalkot canal. Samalkot
is a rapidly growing town in the Pithapuram estate. The population
in igo1 was 16,915, compared with 4,961 in 1881. A sugar refinery
and distillery, employing 5zo hands daily, was opened here in 1899.
A Government experimental agricultural farm has also been started.
Samalkot was formerly a military station, but was abandoned in 1869.
Troops were again stationed here from 1879 to 1893.
Samana Range.-A rugged range of hills in the North-West
Frontier Province, running east and west about 33 34' N. and between
70 56' and 71 51' E., and separating the Miranzai valley in the Thal
subdivision of Kohat District from the Khanki valley of Tirah. The
range has an elevation of 5,000 to 6,500 feet; and its crest is held
by a line of forts, including FORT LOCKHART, SARAGARHI, and Fort
Cavagnari or Gulistan.
Samana.-Town in the Bhawanigarh tahsil, Karmgarh nizdmat,
Patiala State, Punjab, situated in 30 9' N. and 760 15' E., 17 miles
south-west of Patiala town, with which it is connected by a metalled
road. Population (1991), 10,209. It is a well-built town, with many
handsome houses. Samana is a place of considerable antiquity, and
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