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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 22, p. 26.

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Zoo horse- and 500 footmen. There are also six guns manned by 5o
gunners. A jail, a post office, a hospital, and five schools with 190
pupils are maintained in the State.
Samthar Town.-Capital of the State of the same name in Cen-
tral India, situated in 25 5o' N. and 78 55' E., about 8 miles from the
Moth station on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. Population
(1901), 8,286. The town, which is often called Shamshergarh, was
built in the seventeenth century, and was subsequently reconstructed
by Chhatar Singh. It contains the Raja's palace, a jail, a post office,
and a hospital.
Samuleottah-Town in Godavari District, Madras. See SAn4AL-
Samundri.-Tahsil of the new Lyallpur District, Punjab, lying
between 30 5o' and 31 2o' N. and 72 39' and 73 21' E., with an
area of 1,309 square miles. The population in 1906 was 266,277.
It contains 495 villages, including Samundri (population, 765), the
head-quarters. The land revenue and cesses in 1905-6 amounted to
6-7 lakhs. The tahsil consists of a level plain sloping gently towards
the Ravi and the Deg on the south, and is now wholly irrigated by the
Chenab Canal, except for a few scattered plots in the Ravi lowlands
which still depend on wells. The soil generally is a fine loam. The
boundaries of the tahsil were somewhat modified at the time of the
formation of the new District.
Sanala.-Petty State in K.&TxlewAR, Bombay.
Sanand Taluka.-Central tdluka of Ahmadabad District, Bombay,
lying between 22 47' and 23 7' N. and 72 5' and 72 32' E., with an
area Of 361 square miles. It contains one town, SANAND (population,
6,783), its head-quarters ; and 83 villages. The population in 1901 was
63,053, compared with 81,363 in 1891. The density, 175 persons
per square mile, is less than the District average. Land revenue and
cesses in 1903-4 exceeded 2 lakhs. Except for an undulating strip of
land on the west, Sanand forms the centre of a rich plain of light soil
with well-wooded fields ; in the south and west is a bare stretch of
black soil.
Sanand Town.-Head-quarters of the tdluka of the same name
in Ahmadabad District, Bombay, situated in 23 N. and 72 23' E.,
on the Bombay, Baroda, and Central India Railway, 18 miles from
Ahmadabad. Population (1901), 6,783. It was formerly one of the
capitals of the house of Koth. The municipality, established in 1885,
had an average income during the decade ending 1901 of about
Rs. 8,ooo. The income in 1903-4 amounted to Rs. 8,5oo. The
town contains three schools, two for boys and one for girls, attended
respectively by 310 and 128 pupils, and including an English middle
school with 25 pupils.
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