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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 22, p. 209.

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tors, 89 subordinate officers, and 365 constables, besides 302 municipal
and. town police, and 2,097 rural and road police. There are i9,police
stations.. The District jail contained a daily average of 336 prisoners
in 1903.
The population of Shahjahanpur is not conspicuous for literacy, and
in 19or only 2.6 per cent. (4 males and o3 females) could read and
write. The number of public schools, however, increased from 149 in
1880-1 to 184 in 19oo-1, and the number of pupils from 4,324 to
8,796. In 1903-4 there were r86 public schools with 8,744 pupils, of
whom 514 were girls, and 6o private schools with 667 pupils. Four
of the public schools are managed by Government and 124 by the
District and municipal boards. Out of a total expenditure on education
of Rs. 52,000, Local funds provided Rs. 41,ooo and fees Rs. 1o,ooo.
The District possesses. lr hospitals and dispensaries, with accommo~
dation for 130 in-patients. About 85,000 cases were treated in 1903,
of whom 1,400 were in-patients, and 3,000 operations were performed,
The total expenditure was Rs. r6,ooo, chiefly met from Local funds.
In 1903-4, 30;000 persons were vaccinated, representing a proportion
of 32 per r,ooo of population. Vaccination is compulsory only in the
two municipalities.
[District Gazetteer (1883, under revision) ; W. A. W. Last, Settlement.
Report ;(r 9o r ).]
Shlhjahanpur Tahsil.-Head-quarters tahsil of Shahjahanpur
District, United Provinces, comprising the parganas of ShAhjahanpur,
Jamaur, and Kant, and lying between 27 39' and 28 1' ' N. and
79* -36' and 8o 5' E., with an area of 394 square miles. Population
fell from 273,146 in r89r to 265,467 in igo1. There are 463 villages
and only one town, SHAHJAHANPUR CITY (population, 76,458), the
District and tahsil head-quarters. The demand for land revenue in-
1903-4 was Rs. 3,00,ooo, and for cesses Rs. 49,000. - The density of
population, 674 persons per square mile, is considerably ;above the
District average, owing to the, inclusion of the city. Through the
centre of the MAW flows the Garra, with a narrow belt' of rich alluvial
soil on either bank, while several smaller streams act as drainage
channels: The eastern portion has a good loam soil; but the centre
is clay, and the western tract is sandy and liable to periods of
depression. In 1903-4 the* area under cultivation was, 293 square
miles, of which 84 were irrigated, mostly from wells.
Shr;hjahanpur City.-Administrative head-quarters of ,Shlhjahan--
our District and tahs~l, with cantonment, United Provinces, situated
in z7 53' N. and 7954' E.,,on the left bank of the Deoha or.Garra
river, crowning the high ground just above its junction with the
Khanaut, with a station on the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway,
768 miles by rail from Calcutta and 987 from Bombay. Population
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