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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 22, p. 273.

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polished granite, which are probably coeval with the later- Barabar
Sherkot.-Town in the Dhampur tahsil of Bijnor District, United
Provinces, situated in 29 2o' N. and 78 35' E., 28 miles east of Bijnor
town. Population (1901), 14,999. Sherkot was founded during the
reign of Sher Shah, and under Akbar it was the chief town of a mahal
or.pargana. In i8o5 it was sacked by Amir Khan, the Pindari, and
in the Mutiny of 1857 it became the scene of struggles between loyal
Hindus and rebel Musalmans. Up to 1844 it was the head-quarters
o the tahsil, and a dispensary is maintained here. Sherkot is adminis-
tered under Act XX of 1856, with an income of about Rs. 4,000.
There is a considerable trade in sugar, and embroidered rugs are
made. A middle school has 135 pupils, and three aided schools
are attended by 42 boys and 65 girls.
Shermadevi.-Subdivision and town in Tinnevelly District, Madras.
Sherpur Town (i).-Town in Bogra District, Eastern Bengal and
Assam, situated in 24 4o' N. and 89 26' E. Population (1901), 4,104.
Sherpur is mentioned in the Ain-i-Akbri in 1595 as the site of a fort
called Salimnagar, named in honour of Salim, the son of Akbar, after
wards famous as the emperor Jahangir. It was an important frontier
post of the Muhammadans before they established their capital at
Dacca; and Akbar's Hindu general, Raja Man Singh, is said to have
built a palace here. It is referred to by old writers as Sherpur Murcha,
to distinguish it from Sherpur in Mymensingh, and is marked in Van
Den Broucke's map (1660) as Ceerpoor Mirts. It formerly possessed
a large number of brick houses, but has suffered severely in recent
earthquakes. Sherpur was constituted a municipality in 1876. The
income during the decade ending 1901-2 averaged Rs. 6,8oo, and
the expenditure Rs. 6,6oo. In 1903-4 the income was Rs. 8,5oo,
mainly from a tax on persons (or property tax) and a conservancy
rate; and the expenditure was Rs. 7,500.
Sherpur Town (2).-Town in the Jamalpur subdivision of Mymen-
singh District, Eastern Bengal and Assam, situated in 25 1' N. and
9o 1' E., between the Shiri and Mirghi rivers, about half a mile from
the former and a mile from the latter, 9 miles north of Jamalpur
Population (1901), 12,535. There is a considerable river trade, the
exports being chiefly jute, rice, and mustard-seeds, and the imports
European piece-goods and betel-nuts. Sherpur was constituted a
municipality in 1869. The income during the decade ending
1901--2 averaged Rs. 7,8oo, and the expenditure Rs. 7,400. In
1903-4 the income was Rs. 10,700, mainly derived from a property
tax and a conservancy rate; and the expenditure was Rs. 11,40,0.
Shevaroy Hills (Shervarayar Malai)-A small detached range
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