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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 23, p. 105.

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.SRINGF. RI 10 5
There is an excellent State hospital in Srinagar, at which about
rr,ooo in-patients and z8,ooo out-patients are treated in the year, and
two branch dispensaries which deal with 3z,ooo out-

patients annually. A zanāna hospital was completed Medical.
in r8g9 at a cost of Rs. 40,000.
In medical as well as in educational work Srinagar is fortunate in
enjoying as auxiliaries to the State schools and hospitals the noble and
unselfish services of the Church Missionary Society. The history of
the mission is interesting, and recalls the honoured names of Robert
Clark, Elmslie, Maxwell, and Downes. Opposed, despised, and perse-
cuted, these good men stuck bravely to their work ; and the small
and almost hopeless beginning made in r865 by Dr. Elmslie, without
a habitation and without friends, has grown into a well-equipped force
which plays a civilizing part in the lives of the people. Outward
opposition has given place to genuine admiration, and in r8g3 the
present Mahārājā presided at the opening of the women's wards of the
mission hospital. The leper asylum has been made over to the care
of the mission. At the beginning of tgoz this had 76 patients, and
6g others were admitted during the year. In the same year the Medical
Mission treated ī4,5r5 out-patients and r,r5i in-patients, paid 36,g6g
visits, and performed 3,147 operations. Apart from the work done at
the hospital, the missionaries tour in the most remote parts of the State.
Srinagar Town.-Town in Garhwāl District, United Provinces,
situated in 30° z3' N. and 78° 46' E., on the left bank of the Alak-
nandā, at an elevation of ī,7o6 feet above sea-level. Population (rgor),
z,ogr. The old town was founded in the seventeenth century and
became the capital of Garhwāl; but it was washed away in ī8g4 in the
flood caused by~ the bursting of the GOHNA lake. The new town has
been built on a higher site, and is well laid out. Srinagar ranks next
to Kotdwāra in importance, and owes its trade chiefly to its
position on the pilgrim route. It contains a fine hospital and a police
station, and is administered under Act XX of 1856, with an income of
about Rs. r,zoo. A private school has īg8 pupils.
Sringeri.-A jāa°zr in the west of the Koppa tāluk of Kadür
District, Mysore, lying between r3° 2z' and r3° z8' N. and 75° I7'
and 75° z3' E., with an area of 44 square miles. Population (rgot),
ro,656. The jāgzr contains one town and z5g villages. The Tunga
river runs through it from south-west to north-east, and the country is
pure Malnād or highland. The annual rainfall averages ī5o inches.
Sringeri town is situated in r3° 25' N. and 75° rg' E., on the Tunga,
r5 miles from Koppa. Population (igor), 2,430. The dominant
institution of the place is the math established by the great Hindu
reformer Sankarāchārya in the eighth century, which is the seat of the
Jagad Gurü, the high-priest of the Smārta Brāhmans. Mādhava or
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