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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 23, p. 163.

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soil into classes and fix equitable rates ; and between r 863 and r 88 z
the survey settlement was introduced, which raised the; total revenue
demand from r8~ to zy lakhs. A revision was made between r89q
acid r9o5. The new survey found an excess in the cultivated area of
4 loer cent. over the amount shown in the accounts, and the settlement
enhanced the total revenue by 4 per cent., or nearly one lakh. 'The
average rates of assessment are : ` dry' land, Rs. z-r r (maximum scale,
Rs. q-8 ; minimum scale, R. r) ; rice land, Rs. 8-r (maximum scale,
Rs, q-8 ; minimum scale, Rs. r-4) ; and garden land, .Us. 8-r r (maxi-
mum scale, Rs. rz; minitxium scale, Rs. 5).
Collections on account of land revenue and revenue from all sources
have been, in thousands of rupees :-

Land revenue . 30,63 zg,6z 22,55 30,80
•l'otal revenue . 4I,z9 49,65 4z~74 55Iz6
'l'here are four municipalities in the District: namely, SUxnr, RnNn~F;,
BuLSnx, and MnNnm. Outside of these, local affairs are managed by
the District board and eight tâluka boards. The receipts of the local
boards amounted in r 903-4 to about 3 lakhs, and the expenditure to
z z lakhs, including one lakh spent on roads and buildings.
The District Superintendent of police is assisted by z inspectors.
There are altogether r r police stations. The total number of police-
mén is 88r, under rr chief constables, besides r4 mounted police
under z da,~adârs. 'There are 9 subsidiary jails and 9 lock-ups in
the District, with accommodation for zo8 persons. The daily average
number of prisoners in î9o4 was 69, of whom 5 were females.
Surat stands second among the twenty-four Districts of the Presi-
dency for the literacy of its inhabitants, of whom r3~3 per cent. (24•5
males and z~4 females) could read and write in ryor. In r88o-r the
District contained 293 schools with x9,363 pupils. The latter had
increased to 28,658 in r89o-r, and to 3r,9oz in r9oo-r. In î9o3-4
the District possessed 48o schools, attended by 3r,7r9 pupils, includ-
ing 6,363 girls. Of these institutions, 6 are high schools, z6 middle,
34r primary•, and one a special industrial school. Of 'the 374 public
institutions, z are managed by Governu~ent, 3rz by local or muni-
cipal boards, 36 are aided, and z4 unaided. The total expenditure
on education in r9o3-4 amounted to nearly z2 lakhs, of which 64 per
cent. was devoted to primary education.
In r9oo the District possessed one hospital and twelve dispen-
saries, including one for women at Surat. 'These institutions con-
tain accommodation for rzo in-patients. Including r,ti4r in-patients,
the number of persons treated in r9oo was 86,000 and the number
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