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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 23, p. 304.

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there is an asylum for lunatics in Navapada, about one mile from the
railway station. The chief educational institutions are the Bairamji
Jijibhoy High School opened in 1880, an English school for girls, and
an English middle school for boys. The number of pupils at these in
1903-4 was 253, 79, and 69 respectively. The town also contains
4 vernacular schools for boys with 505 pupils, and 2 for girls with 185.
Thana Bhawan.-Town in the Kairana tahsil of Muzaffarnagar
District, United Provinces, situated in 29 35' N. and 77 25' E.,
18 miles north-west of Muzaffarnagar town on an unmetalled road.
Population (1901), 8,861. In the Ain-i-Akbari the Mrgana is called
Thana Bhim ; but the present name is said to be derived from an old
temple of Bhawani, which is still much resorted to. The town was
a centre of disaffection in 1857, when the inhabitants, headed by their
K5,zl, Mahbub Ali Khan, and his nephew, Inayat Ali, broke into open
rebellion. Among other daring feats, they captured the tahsili, then at
SHAMLI, and massacred the 113 men who defended it. Thana Bhawan
was soon after taken by the Magistrate, with some Sikh and Gurkha
levies, after a fight of seven hours. The walls and gates were levelled
to the ground and no further disturbances took place. The town
decayed after the Mutiny, but the population has increased during the
last thirty years. It contains a primary school, and some seventeenth-
century mosques and tombs. It is administered under Act XX of
1856, the income from house tax being about Rs. 2,500.
Thandaung.-Hill station in the Toungoo township of Toungoo
District, Lower Burma, situated in 19 3' N. and 96 36' E., 22 miles
east-north-east of Toungoo town, with which it is connected by road.
It stands on a ridge surrounded by picturesque scenery, 4,200 feet
above the sea, and contains a large ddk-bungalow, an hotel, and a
steadily increasing number of private residences. In 1901 its inhabi
tants numbered less than 5o, but the total has risen since then. No
records of temperature are kept in the station, but the thermometer
rises little above 70 in the hot season. The rainfall is very heavy
during the monsoon. Steps are being taken to improve the means of
communication between Toungoo and Thandaung, and there is every
prospect that Thandaung will be a useful sanitarium for the residents
of Lower Burma.
Thandiani-Small hill sanitarium in the Abbottabad tahsil of
Hazara District, North-West Frontier Province, situated in 34 15' N.
and 73 22' E. It was established for the convenience of officers
stationed at the neighbouring cantonment of Abbottabad, and contains
some European houses and a small bazar, which are occupied only
during the summer months.
Thanesar Tahsil (Thdneswar).-Northern tahsil of Karnal Dis-
trict, Punjab, lying between 29 55' and 30 15' N. and 76 36' and
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