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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 23, p. 355.

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the verdure reasserts itself, and the cold season is distinctly pleasant.
The rainfall is moderate, averaging 36 inches per annum.
The town. has been administered since 1887 by a municipal com-
mittee, which at present consists of 3 ex-officio and 9 nominated
members. The elective system is not in force. The municipal in-
come and expenditure during the ten years ending igoi averaged
between Rs. 30,ooo and Rs. 31,000. In 1903-4 the income amounted
to Rs. 30,000 (house and land tax, Rs. 8,300; markets, &c., Rs. 16, 700),
and the expenditure to Rs. 54,000, the chief items being conservancy
(Rs. 8,7oo) and hospital (RS. 28,ooo). The annual income and expen
diture of the cantonment fund amounts to about Rs. 13,ooo. A new
municipal hospital has replaced the old one burnt down in igoo. The
municipal school educates up to the seventh standard, and has an
average attendance of 140. There is a large Central jail on the out-
skirts of the town. Thayetmyo is an important station of call for river
steamers, but it has achieved no special importance as a trade centre.
The best known of its industries is silver-work, which can hold its own
with that of any other town in Burma.
Thazi Subdivision. - Eastern subdivision of Meiktila District,
Upper Burma, comprising the THAZi and WUNDWIN townships.
Thazi Township.--South-eastern township of Meiktila District,
Upper Burma, lying across the Mandalay-Rangoon railway, between
20 43' and 21 3' N. and 95 56' and 96 35' E., with an area of
696 square miles. The western portion is flat and cultivated, and
has a fairly dense population, but the eastern runs up to the hills
bordering the Shan plateau and contains few inhabitants. The popula-
tion was 3(),256 in 1891, and 49,824 in igoi, distributed in 316
villages. The head-quarters are at Thazi (population, 1,803), the
junction for the Meiktila-Myingyan branch railway, 3o6 miles from
Rangoon and 8o from Mandalay. In 1903-4 the area cultivated was
103 square miles, and the land revenue and thathameda amounted to
Rs. 1, r i,ooo.
Thegon.--North-western township of the Paungde subdivision of
Prome District, Lower Burma, flat, fertile, and thickly populated, lying
between 18 25' and 18 46' N. and 95 17' and 95 34' E., with
an area of 241 square miles. The population, unlike that of several
townships in the District, is on the increase. It rose from 53,107
in i8gi to 6o,982 in igoi. There are 296 villages, the head-quarters
being at Thegon (population, 1,017), situated on the railway, i9 miles
south-east of Prome town. The township contains a large lake called
the Inma, which is io miles long and 4 miles broad, and 12 feet deep
in the rains. The area cultivated in 1903-4 was 93 square miles,
paying Rs. 97,000 land revenue.
Theinni.--State in the Northern Shan States, Burma. See HSENwr.
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