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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 23, p. 356.

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356 TII-E, 0G
Theog.-A fief of the Keonthal State, Punjab, lying between 3I 4'
and 31 9' N. and 77 21' and 77 31' E., with an area of 144 square
miles. The population in 19or was 5,654, and the revenue is about
Rs. 5,ooo. A tribute of Rs..5oo is paid to the Keonthal State. The
present chief, TYka Shamsher Chand, exercises full powers, but sen-
tences of death require the confirmation of the Superintendent, Simla
Hill States.
Thibaw.-State in the Northern Shan States, Burma. See HSIPAW.
Thigwin.-Township in Myaungmya District, Lower Burma. See
Thongwa.-Former name of a District in the Irrawaddy Division,
Lower Burma. See MA-UBIN.
Thongwa Township.-South-eastern township of Hanthawaddy
District, Lower Burma, wholly level throughout, situated immediately
to the west of where the Sittang flows into the Gulf of Martaban.
It lies between 16 39' and 16 58' N. and g6 23' and 96 45' E., and
has an area of 104 square miles. It was constituted in 1901-2, being
formed of portions of the Thabyegan and Kyauktan townships, which
in lgor had a population of 47,651, dwelling in 174 villages. The
head-quarters are at the village of Thongwa (population, 3,132), on the
1-1mawwun creek, about 25 miles from the point where that stream
flows into the Rangoon river. The area cultivated in 1903-4 was
199 square miles, paying Rs. 4,82,000 land revenue.
Thonze.-Town in the Tharrawaddy subdivision and township of
Tharrawaddy District, Lower Burma, situated in 17 38' N. and
95 48' E., on the railway about 2 miles due south of Tharrawaddy
town. Population (rgol), 6,578. It was constituted a municipality
in 1897. The receipts and. expenditure of the municipal fund to
the end of lgoo-r averaged Rs. ig,ooo and Rs. 14,ooo respectively.
In 1903-4 the receipts were Rs. 30,000, including house and land tax
(Rs. 3,ooo) and tolls on markets and slaughter-houses (Rs. 17,000) ;
and the expenditure was Rs. 25,000, the chief items being conservancy
(Rs. 4,5oo) and administration (Rs. 3,6oo). The town contains a dis-
Thul.-TVuha of the Upper Sind Frontier District; Sind, Bombay,
lying in 28 5' and 28 26' N. and 68 32' and 68 58' E., with an area
of 496 square miles. The population in rgol was 47,786, compared
with 32,706 in 1891. The hiluka contains 96 villages, of which Thul
is the head-quarters. The density, 96 persons per square mile, slightly
exceeds the District average. The land revenue and cesses in 1903-4
amounted to 2 z lakhs. The taluka depends for irrigation upon the
Begari, Unhar Wah, and Desert Canals.
Tiagar.-Village in South Arcot District, Madras. See TYAGA
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