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Imperial Gazetteer of India, v. 24, p. 287.

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Uska.=Town in the Bans! tahsilof Basti District, United Provinces,
situated in 27 12' N. and 83 8' E. It is at present the terminus of
a branch of the Bengal and North-Western Railway from Gorakhpur,;
but the line is being extended to Tulsipur in Gonda. Population
(igor), 6,718. A market was founded here by a European grantee,
and it has now become the chief town in the north of the District.
Rice and oilseeds, the product of Nepal and of the country round, are
largely exported. Town duties, raised under the United Provinces
Revenue Act (III of 19o1), yield about Rs. 2,ooo annually for the
improvement of the place. There is a school with 102 pupils.
Usmanabad.-District, tdluk, and town in Hyderabad State. See
Usmannagar.-Former tdluk of Nander District, Hyderabad State.
Utakamand.-Subdivision, tdluk, and town in Nilgiri District,
Utangan.-River in Rajputana and the United Provinces. See
Utarpara.-Town in Hooghly District, Bengal. See UTTARPARA.
Utman Bulak.-Old name of the Sw.K131 TAxSIL, Peshawar District,
North-West Frontier Province.
Utman Khel.-A mountainous tract of country between the Rud
and Amabhar rivers, and thence eastwards between the Swat river and
Peshawar District, as far as the Ranizai border, in the Dir, Swat, and
Chitral Agency, North-West Frontier Province, lying between 34 15'
and 34 5o' N. and 71 1' and 71 5o' E. It is bounded on the east
by Swat; on the south by the Hashtnagar portion of Peshawar District;
on the west by the Mohmand country; and on the north by Dir and
Bajaur. The tract lies on both banks of the Swat river, and derives its
name from the Utman Khel or tribe of Afghans who occupied it in the
sixteenth century, at the time of the Yusufzai conquest of the Swat.
The tribe is estimated to number about 40,ooo, and is divided into
many clans, constantly at feud among themselves. Their country, of
which the area is about 3,ooo square miles, is a network of bare hills
and ravines, infertile except in some strips along the southern bank of
the Rud. Besides this tract, the Utman Khel also own a few villages
east of Landkhwar between Peshawar District and Sam Ranizai. The
Utlnan Khel have frequently given trouble to the British Government,
necessitating punitive expeditions in 1852, 1878, and 1898.
Utraula Tahsil.-Northern and eastern tahsil of Gonda District,
United Provinces, comprising the parganas of Utraula, Sddullahnagar,
Burhapara, Babhnipair, Mankapur, Balrampur, and Tulsipur, and lying
between 26 54' and 27 5o' N. and 82 1' and 82 46' E., with an area
of 1,567 square miles. Population fell from 669,497 in i891 to 654,181
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