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Table of Contents for Imperial Gazetteer of India. v. 4.
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Title page p. Title page
Title page verso p. Title page verso
Preface p. Preface
Introductory Notes p. v
Table of Contents p. ix
Chapter I. The Government of India p. 1
Chapter II. Administrative Divisions p. 46
Chapter III. The Native States p. 58
Chapter IV. Foreign Relations p. 104
Chapter V. Legislation and Justice p. 126
Chapter VI. Finance p. 160
Chapter VII. Land Revenue p. 204
Chapter VIII. Miscellaneous Revenue p. 242
Chapter IX. Local and Municipal Government p. 278
Chapter X. Public Works Organization p. 307
Chapter XI. Army p. 326
Chapter XII. Police and Jails p. 384
Chapter XIII. Education p. 407
Chapter XIV. Medical Administration, Hospitals, and Sanitation p. 457
Chapter XV. Surveys p. 481
Chapter XVI. Currency and Banking p. 513
Index p. 527

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