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Table of Contents for Annual of Urdu Studies. v. 1, 1981
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Table of contents p. I
Note on Transliteration p. ii
Introduction p. iii
Hali and His Muqaddamah: The Creation of A Literary Attitude In Nineteenth Century India p. 1
Homage To The Silent p. 46
The Angare Group: The Enfants Terribles of Urdu Literature p. 57
Woman p. 70
Bazm-E-Urdu, Lucknow: A Women's Response To The Decline of Urdu p. 89
Documents: Rejection of 'Modernism' p. 98
Book Reviews p. 105
Bibliographical News p. 120
A Letter from the Editor p. 124
Contributors p. 125
Back cover p. Back cover

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