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Table of Contents for Annual of Urdu Studies. v. 2, 1982
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Front cover p. Front cover
Verso p. Verso
Table of contents p. I
Note on Transliteration p. ii
Introduction p. iii
Nine Poems p. 1
In This Maelstrom (A Melodrama) p. 11
Melodrama . . . ? (A Note on Manto's ""In This Maelstrom"") p. 39
And Now The Pen Brings Forth Some Jokes p. 49
The Ghazal, A Muffler, And India p. 53
Documents: Ratan Nath Dar (Sarshar): A Study p. 85
Rubaiyat of Shad Azimabadi p. 101
Review Articles: Khushwant Singh's ""Complaint"" p. 111
Curfew In Kufa p. 123
Book Reviews p. 131
Bibliographical News p. 143
News & Events p. 147
Contributors p. 151
Back material p. Back material

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