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Table of Contents for Annual of Urdu Studies. v. 5, 1985
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Front cover p. Front cover
Table of contents p. I
Title p. iii
Note on Transliteration p. iv
Introduction p. 1
Hasan Kooza-gar p. 3
N. M. Rashed's ""Safar-nama"": Three Versions p. 19
Beyond Blasphemy and Prayers: The Concept of God in Rashed's Poetry p. 23
N. M. Rashed's ""Saba-WiraN"": Three Versions p. 35
Rashed, Villon, and a Point of Textual Relation p. 39
Poems from Mawara p. 49
Poems from Iran MeN Ajnabi p. 51
Hasan, The Potter: Four Cantos p. 53
Lajavanti p. 67
A Woman p. 77
Progressive Writer, Progressive Filmmaker: The Films of Rajinder Singh Bedi p. 81
Prabodh and Maitriya p. 98
Translating Faiz p. 103
Poems p. 111
Faiz to Alys to Faiz: Some Prison Letters p. 117
Book Reviews p. 127
Bibliographic News p. 143
News and Events p. 148
Contributors p. 151
An Apology p. 153
Back material p. Back material

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