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Table of Contents for Annual of Urdu Studies. v. 6, 1987
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Front cover p. Front cover
Title p. I
Note on Transliteration p. ii
Table of contents p. iii
How Not to Write the History of Urdu Literature p. 1
Ralph Russell: Teacher, Scholar, Lover of Urdu p. 11
Poems p. 33
Poems p. 42
Images in a Darkened Mirror: Issues and Ideas in Modern Urdu Literature p. 43
Kaukab’s Magic Powers: Strategies for Dastan Translation p. 55
Poems p. 68
Poems p. 71
Poems p. 74
A Lament p. 77
The Monkeys p. 83
Achilles Heel p. 86
A Roof Overhead p. 94
How Bibi Ashraf Learned to Read and Write p. 99
Urdu’s Tacit Lover: A Conversation with Donald A. Becker p. 116
Computer Software for Urdu p. 120
Documents p. 131
Book Reviews p. 133
Bibliographic News p. 145
News and Events p. 153
Contributors p. 159

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