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Table of Contents for Annual of Urdu Studies. v. 7, 1990
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Front cover p. Front cover
Introduction p. I
Note on Transliteration p. ii
Table of contents p. iii
Boy-Love in the Urdu Ghazal p. 1
Some Problems of Urdu Lexicography p. 21
The Influence of Nazir Ahmad’s Mirat al-‘Arus (1869) on the Development of Hindi Fiction p. 31
Six Poems p. 45
Reality -– Fictional and Spiritual p. 49
A Journey Through Time p. 53
Autobiography p. 62
To Be or Not To Be A Goddess: The Question of Rajendra Singh Bedi’s Women Characters p. 67
The Dastan Revival: An Overview p. 76
Images in a Broken Mirror: The Urdu Scene in Bangladesh p. 83
A Triumph of Imagination: The Poetry of Nazir Qaiser p. 88
Kallu p. 93
N. M. Rashed’s “New Dance” p. 109
Urdu Folklore and the Qissa p. 111
Some Recent English Translations of Modern Urdu Poetry p. 117
Life and Literature: A Conversation with “Qalil Daltonganjvi” p. 126
Document p. 131
Book Reviews p. 132
Bibliographic News p. 143
News and Events p. 148
Computer Software for Urdu – II p. 149
Contributors p. 157

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