Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 20-21 (March 1991) p. Back material.

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Reflections of a Writer (6) Historical Poetics of Epos and

Bhisham Sahni Romance: East and West (12-13)

Aesthetics: Some Important Problems (6) Ekazar Mektinsky

R.B. Patankar Western Interpretations of Bakhtin (12-13)

The Concept of Literary History: Rashmi Doraiswamy

A Marxist Critique (6) Politics Before and After the

S.V. Pradhan Annexation of the Punjab (14-15)

Peter Weiss and the Aesthetics of Surjit Hans

Resistance (6) Karmayoga and the Rise of the

Anil Bhatti Indian Middle Class (14-15)

Development as Will and Idea V. Subramaniam

(review) (6) Representations in History (17-18)

Dipankar Gupta Kumkum Sangari

The Novel: Itihasacharya V.K. Signs of Madness: The Figure of

Rajwade 1864-1926 (8) Kamalakanta in the Work of

translated by Shanta Gokhale Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay (17-18)

Plots on Reality (review) (9) Sudipta Kaviraj

AlokRai Max Mueller: Appropriation of

The Matrix of History: A Study of the Vedic Past (17-18)

Satinath Bhaduri's Dhorai Charit Vasudha Dalmia-Luderitz

Manas 1949-517 (9) Thinking the Nation Out: Some

Shirshendu Chakrabarti Reflections on Nationalism and

Mikhail Bakhtin: The Politics of Theory (17-18)

Language and Genre (9) Susie Tharu

Badri Raina The Politics of Development: A

Christa Wolf: Cassandra: Frankfurt Statement and a Case (17-18)

Lectures (9) Badri Raina

Rekha Kamath-Rajan Representation, History and the

Jean Genet and Colonialism (9) Case of Translation (17-18)

Indrani Sen Tejaswini Niranjana

Soviet Aesthetics (9) Third World Literature' and the

Chanchal Chauhan Nationalist Ideology (17-18)

In Search of Clarities (10-11) Aijaz Ahmad

Alok Bhalla Re-presenting Colonialism (17-18)

The New Latin American Lite- Partha Chatterjee

rature (10-11) Market Forces (19)

Kalpana Sahni Sanjaya Baru

Existential and Political Controls Capitalism and the Cultural Process (19)

in Marquez's Fiction (10-11) Sudipta Kaviraj

Eric Mottram Women Writing in India (20-21)

Marquez and the Politics of the Susie Tharu

Possible (10-11) Figures for the "Unconscious' (20-21)

Kumkum Sangari Kumkum Sangari

Marquez: Resistance, Reading Further Narratives (20-21)

and Rebellion (10-11) Geeta Kapur

Alan Kennedy

A Detective Story Turned Upside MUSIC

Down (10-11)

Manabendra Bandopadhyay A Historical Map for a World of Fables Alok Bhalla (10-11) Music and Modernism Ashok D. Ranade The Khayal: What It Is and What It Is Not (4) (4)

The Ends of the Ladder Leading to the Future Rest on the Past: An Neela Bhagwat Vishnu Digambar Paluskar (14-15)

Introduction to Soviet Culture (12-13) Neela Bhagwat

Kalpana Sahni

From the Aiil to the Cosmos: Inter- DANCE

view with Chinghiz Aitmatov (12-13) The Dance in India (3)

Kalpana Sahni Rajika Puri

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