Journal of Arts & Ideas, no. 8 (July-Sept 1984) p. 4.

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DARKO SUVIN teaches English and Comparative Lietrature at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He has written on Marxist Critical Theory, Modem European Drama, and Science Fiction. His books included Introduction to Brecht(Skolska Knniga, \910\Metamorphoses of Science Fiction (Yale U.P., 1979), To Brecht and Beyond: Soundings in Modem Dramaturgy (Harvester Press, 1984).

IJTPAL DUTT is a playwright, producer and actor. He was associated with IPTA and has been in the vanguard of contemporary Bengali theatre with plays MkeAngar, Teer, Manusher Adhikara andKallol. He pioneered agit prop theatre during elections. He recently wrote and directed a play on Michael Madhusudhan Dutt

KUMKUM SANGARI teaches English Literature at Indraprastha College, University of Delhi. Since completing her doctoral dissertation from the University of Leeds she has written and published regularly. She will be a Fullbright Scholar at Yale University during 1985.

K.V. AKSHARA is a graduate of the National School of Drama, New Delhi. He completed his Masters degree from the University of Leeds and is now working in Ninasam, Heggodu, Sagara, Kamataka.

MALINI BHATTACHARYA teaches English Literature atjadavpur University. She has written and published poems and plays in Bengali.

MIHIR BHATTACHARYA teaches English Literature at Jadavpur University.

SHANTA GOKHALE is a free lance journalist based in Bombay, and has been translating from Marathi to English for many years. Currently she edits the literary section of a women's magazine.

K. PRABHAKARAN has an MA. in Fine Arts from M.S. University ofBaroda. His short stories in Malayalam have been published in Deshabhimani.

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