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Table of Contents for Journal of Arts & Ideas. no. 17-18, 1989
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Front cover p. Front cover
Front material p. Front material
Contents p. 1
Contributors p. 2
Introduction: Representations in History p. 3
Signs of Madness: The Figure of Kamalakanta in the Work of Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay p. 9
Rasa: The Audience and the Stage p. 33
Max Mueller: Appropriation of the Vedic Past p. 43
Ravi Varma: Representational Dilemmas of a Nineteenth Century Indian Painter p. 59
Thinking the Nation Out: Some Reflections on Nationalism and Theory p. 81
The Politics of Development: A Statement and a Case p. 91
Representation, History and the Case of Translation p. 109
`Third World Literature' and the Nationalist Ideology p. 117
Re-presenting Colonialism p. 137
The Orientalist: A Note on Vivan Sundaram's Work p. 141
Back material p. Back material

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