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Table of Contents for Journal of Arts & Ideas. no. 32-33, 1999
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Front cover p. Front cover
Front material p. Front material
Contents p. 1
Contributors p. 2
Introduction p. 3
Fans, Families and Censorship: The Alluda Majaka Controversy p. 9
Love in the Time of Liberalization: Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak p. 35
The Story of the 'Up-Market' Reader: Femina's 'New Woman' and the Normative Feminist Subject p. 61
Anti-Arrack Movement, Prohibition and After: Eenadu's Strategic Support and Silence p. 73
Imagining an Audience: Doordarshan and Women's Programming p. 87
Studying Television Audiences: Problems and Possibilities p. 95
The Possible Histories of Indian Television p. 107
Television and the National Culture p. 119
The Judgement: Re-Forming the 'Public' p. 131
Back material p. Back material

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