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Table of Contents for Journal of Arts & Ideas. no. 9, 1984
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Front cover p. Front cover
Front material p. Front material
Contents p. 1
Editorial p. 2
Contributors p. 4
Urbanization of Indian Art p. 5
Genres in Indian Cinema p. 23
Acts of Change : Performers and Audiences p. 35
Plots on Reality p. 43
The Matrix of History : A Study of Satinath Bhaduri's Dhorai Charit Manas (1949-51) p. 49
Portfolio of Woodcuts p. 57
Mikhail Bakhtin: The Politics of Language and Genre p. 65
Christa Wolf: Cassandra: Frankfurt Lectures on Aesthetics p. 77
Jean Genet and Colonialism p. 83
Soviet Aesthetics p. 91
Back material p. Back material

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