Mahfil. v 7, V. 7 ( 1971) p. Verso.

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A Quarterly of South Asian Literature

Editors: Cario Coppola SuijitS.Dulai C. M. Nairn

Managing Editor: Dorothy M. Doane

Editorial Associates:

Georgia Collins, Nancy Fitch, Donald Nelson,, Steven Poulos, Dana Ragsdale, Richard Williams


The subscription price is $4.00 per year in the United States and Canada; other countries, $5.00 per year. Subscriptions and communications relating to subscriptions should be addressed to:


Asian Studies Center Center for International Programs Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan 48823


Single issues - $1.25 Double issues $2.50


All manuscripts and books for review should be sent to the editors at:


Box 39, Foster Hall University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois 60637

MAHFIL is published quarterly by the Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.

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