Mahfil. v 7, V. 7 ( 1971) p. iv.

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Vowels are like the pure vowels of Italian or Spanish; Q. and o are always long. The vowel y is approximated by ri, as it is often transliterated.

Most consonants are analogous to those of English, if the consonants kh^ gh^ ch^ j7^ th^ dh^ ph^ bh are considered single aspirated consonants; e.g th as in English hothouse. The differences between Sanskrit "retroflex" t^ th^ dj dh^ n and "dental" t^ th^ d^ dh^ n are. also distinctive. Sanskrit c is like English oh. Sanskrit 6 and s are like Enlgish shy as they are both often transliterated.

We have attempted to standardize the transliteration of all Sanskrit words with appropriate diacritics and italicization except for words e,go Krishna - which have wide currency in their Anglicized form.

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