Mahfil. v 7, V. 7 ( 1971) p. 63.

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Translated by Ron Padgett

Because Sita said this

some of the Rakshasees jumped

out of their bodies stamping and stormed away

to tell that horrible Ravana. But then they came back

and twisted their faces

and sputtered "You bitch:, Do us in?

We^re going to eat you up I Yum I"

Trijata was a wise woman with white hair

and eyes that saw this. She said,

"Hands off I She is the daughter of Janaka and the daughter-in-law of King Dasarathal Better eat me instead 1 Because last night asleep I had a dream and the hair on my body stood up and screamed

Sita's husband destroyed you alll" Total shreiksl Pissed offi "What happened in your hideous old dream?"

It was early morning again in Trijata^ memory as she began . . .

"1 saw a starry chariot

pulled by a hundred swans across the blue

and in it

flying flowers Rama all in white

and Lakshamana with him And I saw the waves curling

and rolling against a bright white hill

with Sita on top all in white

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