Mahfil. v 7, V. 7 ( 1971) p. 255.

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Usharbudh Arya: teaches in the Department of South Asian Languages, University of Minnesota.

Ernest Bender: is Professor of Indo-Aryan Languages at the University of Pennsylvania and Editor of the Journal of the American Oriental Society, His published works include an edition and translation of the Old Gujarati Nalarayadavadantlcarita ("Adventures of King Nala and Davadanti'1) ,

W Norman Brown: is Professor Emeritus of Indie Studies at the

University of Pennsylvania and President of the American Institute of Indian Studieso His numerous writings include articles on various aspects of Vedic thought, mainly published in the Journal

of the American Oriental Society,

Carlo Coppola: teaches Hindi, Urdu, and Indian Civilization at Oakland University in Michiganc He is an editor of Mahfil.

Adela Fiske: is Director of The East Asian Center at Manhattanville College^

Edwin Gerow: is Associate Professor of Sanskrit in the Far Eastern

and Russian Institute at the University of Washington. His work in Sanskrit poetics includes a set of notes to S.K.De's lectures,

Sanskrit Poetics as a Study of Aesthetics.

Robert Po Goidman: teaches Sanskrit in the Department of Languages and Linguistics at the University of Rochester.

Richard Gombrich: teaches Sanskrit at Oxford.

KoKo Hebbar: whose illustrations accompany P. La.11 s translations of Sanskrit love-poems, is a well-known Indian artiste

P Lal: lectures in English literature at St. Xavier's College and the University of Calcutta. He is currently Special Professor jf Indian Studies at Hofstra University, New York. His translations from ancient Indian literatures include Great Sanskrit^ Plays and Sanskrit Love Lyrics.

Jeff Masson-Moussaieff: teaches Sanskrit in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto. His published works include

S^ntarasa and Abhinavaguptafs Philosophy of Aesthetics^ done with MV. Patwardhan, and a translation of Bhasa^s Avimaraka, done with DcD. Kosambi.

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