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Table of Contents for the Mahfil. v. 5.
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Front Cover p. Front Cover
Front Cover p. Front Cover
Table of Contents p. Table of Contents
Table of Contents p. Table of Contents
Acknowledgments p. iii
Acknowledgments p. iii
The Legacy of Paternalism p. 1
Ghalib: A Self-Portrait in Words p. 1
The Sahitya Akademi Awards - 1967 p. 9
The Elements of Ghalib's Thought p. 7
Interview with Khushwant Singh p. 27
Some Important Critics of Ghalib p. 31
Interview with Bhabhani Bhattacharya p. 43
Ghalib and the Rebellion of 1857 p. 45
Interview with Prabhakar Padhye p. 49
Surdas: Twelve Poems p. 55
Tukaram: Twenty-five Poems p. 61
Ghalib: The Dew Drop on the Red Poppy p. 59
Bengali Baul Songs p. 71
On Translating Ghalib p. 71
Nirala: Five Poems p. 77
The Picture in the Cellar p. 83
"Purpose" in Mulk Raj Anand's Fiction p. 85
The Intellectuality of N.C. Chaudhuri p. 91
Selections from Ghalib p. 89
From a Ghazal by Ghalib p. 91
Selections from Ghalib p. 92
Selections from Ghalib p. 95
A Dissent on Tulsidas p. 99
The Poem (Ghalib's) Itself p. 97
Review: To Each His Stranger p. 105
Review: I Take This Woman p. 110
Review: Loona p. 115
A Bibliography of English Sources on Ghalib p. 115
Review: Amrit aur Vish p. 121
Review: My God Died Young p. 124
Review: Three Bags of Gold and Other Indian Folktales p. 125
Review: Kabir p. 126
Review: Love Songs of Vidyapati p. 128
Originals of the Translated Couplets p. 127
Review: Kavitavali p. 130
Review: A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories p. 132
Review: Contemporary Indian Short Stories, Series 2 p. 133
Review: Shadow from Ladakh p. 134
Notes on the Contributors p. 133
Notes on Contributors p. 141
Index to Volumes III & IV p. 143

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