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Table of Contents for the Mahfil. v. 7.
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Verso p. Verso
Front Cover p. Front Cover
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Foreword p. iii
Acknowledgments p. iii
A Note On Sanskrit Pronunciation p. iv
Interview with N.M. Rashed p. 1
Sanskrit Rhetoric And Poetic p. 1
The Creative Role Of The Goddess Vac In The Rgveda p. 19
Nine Poems p. 21
Vedic And Epic Translations p. 29
Five "Dangerous" Books p. 31
Baluchi Language and Literature p. 43
Myth As Literature In Ancient India: The Saga of Sukracarya p. 45
Pashto Language and Literature p. 55
Trijata's Dream p. 63
Malavika And Agnimitra: A Translation Of Kalidasa's Play p. 67
Sindhi Literature p. 71
Ahmed Ali and Twilight in Delhi p. 81
Three Poems p. 87
The Brook p. 93
The Tale of a Tulsi Tree p. 125
A New Approach To Sanskrit Translation, Applied To Kalidasa's Kumarasambhava Canto VIII p. 129
Ghaazi Mard p. 131
The Rain p. 137
Sketch: Kalidasa's Spring p. 143
Some Afterthoughts On A Production Of Baudhayana's The Hermit And The Harlot p. 145
The Hermit And The Harlot p. 149
Conspirators p. 149
Of Blackened Face p. 153
Review: First Voices: Six Poets from Pakistan p. 157
Review: In der Palmweinschenke p. 159
Three Love Poems: Translations And Illustrations p. 167
Review: Javid-nama p. 163
The Fifty Stanzas Os A Thief p. 175
Notes on Contributors p. 169
Songs From Jayadeva's Gitagovinda p. 187
Obscenity In Sanskrit Literature p. 197
A Jotting On The Mirror: Those Of Ladies p. 209
Notes On Rasa In Vedic And Buddhist Texts p. 215
Some Sanskrit Poetic Motifs In The Prakrit ""Sattasai"" p. 219
An Old Gujarati Dramatic Presentation p. 223
Sanskrit Literary Forms And Oriya Literature p. 229
A Braj Version Of ""The Brahman's Unsuccessful Sacrifice"" p. 235
A Nepali Version Of The Vetalapancavimsati Story Of The Brahman And The Snake p. 241
A Sanskrit Translation Of Gitanjali Reviewed p. 245
Sanskrit Compositions In Carnatic Music p. 251
Notes On The Contributors p. 255

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