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Table of Contents for the Mahfil. v. 8.
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Front Cover p. Front Cover
Front Cover p. Front Cover
Front Cover p. Front Cover
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Table of Contents p. TABLE OF CONTENTS
Editor's Note p. 2
His Wife p. 1
Indian Poetry in English Today p. 1
My Poetry p. 3
Interview with Nissim Ezekiel p. 7
Interview with Pritish Nandy p. 11
The Bamboo Flute p. 13
Today Me, Tomorrow You p. 15
The Bumble Bee Sings p. 17
My Wedding p. 20
The Lover p. 22
The House of the Singhas p. 21
Ode to Life p. 23
The Farmer's Song p. 25
Tomorrow p. 27
The Flower Offering p. 29
Ode to the Ocean p. 30
Poems p. 29
Moments p. 32
Poems p. 31
Shivaji: A Lullaby p. 33
The Lady p. 35
In the Garden p. 36
Revenge p. 37
The Friend p. 37
Dreams of History p. 40
Nine Contemporary Hindi Poems p. 41
The Throbbing Pyre p. 43
The Weaver-Birds p. 49
The Storm p. 51
Soul Thirst p. 53
The Old Carpenter p. 55
What a Glorious Growth p. 60
Konkani Section: A Brief History of Literary Konkani p. 59
Church Bells p. 62
The Cosmic Panorama p. 63
A Wayfarer's Gift p. 70
Let the Train Come When it Will p. 71
The Old Watch p. 73
Immaculate p. 79
A Note on Modern Konkani Literature p. 85
The Image of the Goddess p. 89
Sutlej p. 90
I'm a Small Man p. 93
An Attempt to Encompass It All p. 95
Interview with G. Sankara Kurup p. 97
The Silver Belt p. 103
Review: Modern Indian Poetry in English: An Anthology and a Credo p. 101
Twenty-Eight Poems and an Introduction p. 107
The Poetry of G. Sankara Kurup p. 109
Review: The Word is Split, Poems, The Traveller and His Flower, Graffiti, New Poems p. 112
Acceptance Speech for the Bharatiya Jnanpith Prize p. 115
Review: The Forbidden Fruit, Tiffin State Hospital, Between Births, Tribute to Papa and Other Poems, p. 117
1971 MLA Indian Literature Seminar p. 123
Review: Indian Writing in English p. 127
Forthcoming Issues of Mahfil p. 129
Notes on the Contributors p. 131
Index p. 135
Urdu Section: Interview with Rajinder Singh Bedi p. 139
Sultan p. 159
Four Poems p. 167
Interview with Ismat Chughtai p. 169
Ismat Chughtai p. 189
The Quilt p. 195
Wedding Clothes p. 203
India in Transition: A Politico-Literary View p. 215
Initiatory Motifs in Monohar Malgonkar's The Princes p. 223
Tin Hawks and Clay Gods p. 237
Review: The Cats of Benares p. 247
Review: Doctor Dev; The Skeleton p. 251
Review: Silence is Not Golden p. 253
Review: Short Stories of Yashpal, Author and Patriot p. 254
Review: A Bunch of Poems p. 259
Review: Formative Influences in the Life of Tagore p. 260
Review: Delinquent Chacha p. 261
Review: Mera Nam Joker p. 262
Notes on Contributors p. 263

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